Where To Use The Tower Key In Diablo 4 (Answered)

Check out this guide to know the Use of the Tower Key in Diablo 4.

Unable to figure out the use of a Tower Key in Diablo 4? If so, then we are here to answer the questions buzzing inside your mind. It is quite confusing to look out for a relevant door for the Tower Key. This key is found lying anywhere on the ground randomly. However, the game does not say anything about the use of this key. So, is this a bug or there is really no location where we can use this key? Here’s everything you should know about it.

Where to Use a Tower Key in Diablo 4

In this game, the codex says nothing but “Bound to Recruit Tower” when we select a Tower Key. Although, the Recruit Tower is nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, there is no exact location where you can use the Tower Key in Diablo 4 as of now. Moreover, for some players, this Key is all buggy. It causes the Key to drop from the Inventory automatically when a player attempt to leave the city.

Where to Use a Tower Key in Diablo 4

Since this game is not been completely released and still running in Beta, there are changes yet to be made. Diablo 4 is set to release in June 2023 and hence there are chances of major updates in it. Hopefully, one of those patch updates will fix this Tower Key bug and allow the players to use it.

Till then, there is no way you can use the Tower Key in Diablo 4. You can not even sell or salvage it, so all you can do is drop it or keep it in your Inventory.

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