How To Beat Vhenard In Diablo 4 (Boss Guide)

Here are all the moves Vhenard uses in her fight and how to counter them in Diablo IV.

Vhenard is quite a tiresome boss to beat in Diablo 4. Instead of fighting on her own, she summons many enemies to fight for her. And while they aren’t anything too tough to deal with on their own. But when they come at you in a horde, that is when things start to get difficult. So here are all the moves that Vhenard uses in Diablo 4 and how to counter them.

How to Beat Vhenard in Diablo 4

how to beat vhenard in diablo 4
Image Credit: ZaFrostPet on YouTube

You can defeat Vhenard in Diablo IV by killing the Hell Spawns connected to her. Each time you kill one of them, a chunk of her health chips away. This fight has 3 phases and with each phase, she progressively spawns more enemies for you to fight. Just like Tchort, Herald of Lilith she is also easier to fight if you have ranged attacks. But as a Barbarian or any other melee class, make sure you run around a lot and take your fights slowly.

Here is a breakdown of all her phases:

Phase 1

vhenard phase 1
Image Credit: ZaFrostPet on YouTube
  • Summon Hell Spawns: She will spawn Hell Spawns that will attack you. These can be simple slash attacks or projectile attacks like them throwing red energy balls at you. Dodge whatever attacks you can then spam your moves to kill them. In her first phase, she summons 2 Hell Spawns.
  • Blood Walls: She will cause a wall of blood to flow on either side. This reduces the area you have for running around to dodge the Hell Spawns or other creatures.
  • Spinning projectiles: Vhenard will also shoot spinning projectiles that can have two or three ends. They move in a straight line and she can shoot multiple of them in different directions. The best way to dodge them would be to run further away from them. This will give you access to move in the gap between them to dodge them completely.

As soon as this phase ends she will momentarily stop. Make sure you get away from her. Because she will launch a wave of blood in a radius around her.

Phase 2 – Defeat Vhenard in Diablo IV

vhenard phase 2
Image Credit: ZaFrostPet on YouTube
  • Spawn Hellstormer: Along with the Hell Spawns she will also be summoning these new creatures from time to time. When these are spawned try killing them first. They can be a nuisance as they bite you and also shoot fireballs at you.

Aside from the above move, she uses all of her attacks from phase 1. In her second phase, she summons 3 Hell Spawns. Again, once you chip away enough of her health get back to dodge the blood wave attack.

Phase 3

vhenard phase 3
Image Credit: ZaFrostPet on YouTube
  • Spawn Pit Lord: These are larger foes with a bigger health pool. Eliminate them along with the Hellstormers then go back to attacking the Hell Spawns.

In her final phase, she summons 5 Hell Spawns, while using her previous attacks. The hardest thing about this phase is having to deal with the number of enemies. The faster you reduce them the easier the fight will get.

Tips to Fight Vhenard in Diablo 4

  • Pay Attention to your health: Getting lost in combat is very easy in this fight. So make sure you timely use your Healing potions whenever you feel you are health is too low, or if you are about to die.
  • Use AoE attacks on enemies: As a ranged character you should use skills or spells that allow you to hit multiple enemies at the same time. This tip comes useful in 2nd and 3rd phase of this fight. As a melee character, you can run around to let the horde get grouped up and then hit them. This will let you strike multiple of them in a single hit.
  • Focus more on eliminating the Hell Spawns: Vhenard can always summon more creatures. It is okay to clear the battlefield but only focusing on the Hellstormers or Pit Lords won’t be any good. Make sure you also attack the Hell Spawns and kill them.

Skills to Help Barbarians

Barbarians face the most difficulty due to the design and sheer nature of this fight. These are some skills that you should definitely use in your build, at least for this boss.

  • Lunging Strike: Lets you close the gap between you and enemies.
  • Upheaval or Whirlwind: Helps with AoE attacks.
  • Iron Skin: Good for defense when getting attacked by multiple enemies.

That covers this guide on how to beat Vhenard in Diablo 4 and all her moves & counters. Since you are interested in this game don’t forget to check out our Diablo 4 section for more such guides.