How To Beat Fleshless Abomination In Diablo 4

Karan Pahuja
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Fleshless Abomination is a difficult elite enemy to beat in Diablo 4. The biggest reason for this is that their attacks deal a lot of damage. When you are not careful they can defeat you in as low as just one hit to the head. But once you know what to look out for, you can kill them in no time. So here is how you can deal with the Fleshless Abomination in this game.

How to Beat Fleshless Abomination in Diablo 4

how to beat fleshless abomination in diablo 4
Image Credit: WoW Quests on YouTube

You should use ranged attacks while avoiding getting hit by the axe slashes of Fleshless Abomination to defeat it. Like most fights, ranged characters like the Sorcerer and Rogue have an upper hand here. Barbarians will have to be extra cautious when fighting them. It will use the following moves against you:

  • Jump axe strike to the head: This move can finish you in a single strike. The Fleshless Abomination will run toward you then jump and strike its axe at you. Make sure you evade it on either side to avoid getting hit by it.
  • Axe slashes: It will swing its axe at you. This move can chip away nearly 1/3rd of your health or even more. Run away from it when it tries to attack you.
  • Blood clone: Occasionally a blood clone of Fleshless Abomination joins in the fight to attack you. Run away from it, as fighting it isn’t worth the trouble.
  • Ground attack: The Fleshless Abomination creates two pentagrams on the ground. After a few seconds, they activate and will damage you if you are in them.

Tips to Fight Fleshless Abomination

Here are some handy tips to beat Fleshless Abomination faster in Diablo 4.

  • Fight slowly while keeping distance: Having this fight run for longer is better than dying in a few hits. Make sure you are not getting hit by its attacks. Ranged characters need not worry too much. But Barbarians can rely on closing in the gap striking once or twice then using evade to get away.
  • Use Upheaval: Another tip for Barbarians is to add this skill to their build. This is useful as it works as a ranged attack. This move uses your weapon to fling debris at your enemies.
  • Use Teleport: For a Sorcerer maintaining distance is a must. While you can use Evade, it has a cooldown. So you should also add Teleport to your build to get away from it when you can’t use Evade.
  • Use Hydra: Another good skill that Sorcerers can add to their build is Hydra. You can summon a 3-headed Hydra to deal fire damage to the Fleshless Abomination.
  • Heal yourself: If you find you have only around 1/3rd of your HP remaining then quickly heal yourself. Wait for your HP to refill then continue the fight.
  • Play from sides: Let me elaborate on this. This tip is useful for players playing local co-op. Instead of playing next to each other, the two players should play separately. This will be useful because when one is distracting the Fleshless Abomination, the other party member can spam all of their skills and attacks.
  • Try not to get cornered: If both players get cornered then it will be easier for the Fleshless Abomination to kill them at the same time.

That covers this guide on how to Beat the Fleshless Abomination in Diablo 4. For more help on such fights, check out our guides on how to beat Tchort and beat Vhenard.

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