How To Perform Magic Burst In Final Fantasy 16

Perform a Magic Burst to give your enemy an explosive blow. Go ahead and check out how you can use this ability.

In Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Magic Burst is one of the early abilities Clive will be going to use in close-range battles. This move is very easy to use and effective when triggered at the correct time. However, there’s no perfect way to perform this ability and you can do it anytime between your strikes. But getting a grip on it can take a while and will require a little practice in the beginning. If you’re struggling while using this ability then we’ll help you out with it. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about how you can perform a Magic Burst in FFXVI easily.

How to Unlock & Use Magic Burst Ability in FF16

How to Unlock & Use Magic Burst Ability in FF16
Source Image: VanraGames

In FF16 to use the Magic Burst ability you will have to press the Triangle button after performing a close-ranged melee attack. However, that should be in quick succession. The trick is to first press the Square button for a close melee attack and then press the Triangle button immediately. Doing so will release a circular burst that will not only target the enemy’s HP but also their Will Gauge. It’s not necessary to perform this ability only when you’re on the ground. Players can even use Magic Burst while being in the air.

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the early abilities that are available as soon as you unlock the Abilities menu. Players can further upgrade the Magic Burst but it’ll cost them up to 300 AP. Doing so will extend the trigger window of this ability, which is surely a good improvement. We would like to advise you to keep practicing it so you can get an idea of the perfect timing to use the ability.

That covers all about how you can use Magic Burst in FF16. If you’re planning to give the foes a hard time then don’t forget to use the Limit Break ability. Also, do check out the steps to Parry Attacks in Final Fantasy 16.