Final Fantasy 16 Limit Break Guide (FF16)

Help Clive defeat enemies faster by using the Limit Break Ability in Final Fantasy 16. Here's everything you must know about using this ability.

While scrolling through the Abilities List in Final Fantasy 16, you may have come across the Limit Break skill. For veteran players, this ability is not an alien concept as they are well aware of it. That’s because this skill has been a part of the franchise since Final Fantasy 7. And for those who are new, just know that Limit Break is a state in which Clive becomes unbeatable. Sounds intriguing right? We are here to help you out in understanding everything about the Limit Break ability in FF16. So take a look below to get started.

What is Limit Break in Final Fantasy 16?

Whenever a player activates the Limit Break ability, Clive enters his semi-prime state after a small animated cutscene. Wherein, we see him and his sword glowing with fire. Consider it just like Goku’s Super Saiyan form. Limit Break is temporary and lasts only until its gauge is completely empty. It is a yellow gauge found directly under the health bar.

Limit Break in Final Fantasy 16
Image Source: Crimson AxL (YouTube)

In Final Fantasy 16 (FF16), Clive lands more damage after triggering the Limit Break ability. Moreover, he will also recover a small portion of his health after hitting each blow. FFXVI usually starts with Clive having 2 Limit Break gauges. But, you can also upgrade it after spending a reasonable amount of time playing this game. Also, more Limit Break gauges will increase the duration of this state which obviously is a massive advantage.

How to Use the Limit Break Ability in FF16

To use the Limit Break ability, players must fill the gauge by spamming attacks on the enemies. It can be filled faster if you manage to land multiple combo hits. Once the gauge is filled, hit L3+R3 on your controller to activate Limit Break in Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI).

Keep in mind that a staggered enemy will take more damage. This makes it the best moment for you to charge on the enemy while being in a Limit Break state. Apart from this, you can also activate it if you are low on health. That’s because you’ll eventually heal yourself while using it.

Now that you know everything about the Limit Break ability in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16), make sure that no enemy is spared on the battlefield. If you are a passionate player, then we have plenty of such Final Fantasy XXVI Guides stacked up for you on Gamer Tweak.