How To Get & Use Hag’s Bane In BG3

Here is how you can use Hag's bane in BG3 to save the kid.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can use Hag’s Bane to make a hag puke out a child that they may have consumed. In a game like this, you are bound to come across such odd and very specific items. To no one’s surprise, you will also end up using it at a later point in the story. So here is how you can use Hag’s Bane and the location where you get it from. Also, minor spoilers ahead about the character that you use it on.

How to Use Hag’s Bane in Baldur’s Gate 3

How to Use Hags Bane in Baldur's Gate 3

You have to use Hag’s Bane by throwing it at Auntie Ethel. But in case you haven’t updated your game to the latest hotfix #5 and are on patch #2 then you shouldn’t throw it at her. As it will have no effect. There are two things you can do here to use it.

  • Update the game: Hotfix #5 version number has solved the bug of it having no effect on her. If you can update your game, then do that and restart to play normally. Throwing Hag’s Bane on her should show a black smoke effect on her. Interact with her now and she will vomit out Vanra.
  • For Patch 2 players: In case you don’t have the update or can’t update it for some reason then here is a workaround for you. Use non-lethal damage to knock out Aunt Ethel. Thanks to Reddit user u/No-Package-7498 on Reddit for sharing this method. You can check out their comment here.
    1. Kill all the non-glowing plants.
    2. Now, kill one of the blue glowing mushrooms.
    3. Watch or skip the cutscene and start combat.
    4. Here, destroy the remaining blue glowing mushrooms.
    5. Switch to non-lethal damage and bring Auntie Ethel to 1 HP.
    6. A cutscene will now give you the choice to cut Vanra out or leave.
    7. Choose leave and another cutscene happens.

She should now Vomit Vanra out and you should be able to continue the quest normally.

How to Get Hag’s Bane

You can find Hag’s Bane at Old Garlow’s Place.

  1. Open the Wall Safe to get both the recipe and the ingredients.
  2. Access your Alchemy Menu.
  3. Select Hag’s Bane.
  4. Now, use Essence of Acorn Truffle, Dried Fey Flower, and Hag’s Bane to craft it.

That’s all on how you can craft and use Hag’s Bane in Baldur’s Gate 3. You should also check out our guides on if you should release Vampire Spawns, keep Shovel, and how to access inventory.