Fallout 4: How To Use Performance Mode In PS5

Updated your Fallout 4 to get the next-gen features on your PS5? You should enable the performance mode to enjoy the game in smooth 60 FPS.

The Fallout 4 Next gen update brings Performance mode for you to use on your PS5. The good news is this is a free update that gives you 60 FPS with 4K resolution in standard settings. Or you can get 30 FPS with 4K resolution in Ultra settings in Quality mode. It also natively supports Widescreen and Ultra-screen monitors. So if you haven’t enabled and started using it yet, here are the two ways through which you can try it out:

How to Use Fallout 4 Performance Mode in PS5

How To Use Fallout 4 Performance Mode In PS5
Image Credits: YourSixGaming on YouTube. Steps to enable Performance mode in Fallout 4 for PS5.

You can change your Display mode from in-game settings after you update Fallout 4 to the latest version on your PS5. Once updated here is what you do:

  • Use in-game settings: You can find Performance mode directly in your settings.
    1. Launch Fallout 4.
    2. From the main screen, go to Settings.
    3. Next, go to Display.
    4. Finally, go to the Performance mode option and set it to On.
    5. Now, restart the game and it should give you 60 FPS.

If for whatever reason that didn’t work, then you also have the option to force your PS5 to automatically apply Performance mode to all supported games. Do note that if you use the below method you will have to change it manually each time you want to use Resolution/Quality mode in other games.

  • Change PS5 Settings: You can change this option under Game/App Settings:
    1. Minimize or close your game and go to the Home screen.
    2. Now, go to settings, go down, and choose “Save Data and Game/App Settings”.
    3. Next, in the Game Presets section, set the Performance Mode or Resolution Mode to Performance Mode. By itself, it should be Game Default. Both of these options work just make sure it isn’t set to Resolution Mode, or else your PS5 may force it on the game.

Restart your PlayStation 5 and now launch Fallout 4 and you should see an improvement in the game’s framerate.

With that, you know how to use the Performance mode of Fallout 4 on your PS5. Just picked up the game after completing its series? You should find these guides useful on where to find bobby pins, how to recharge fusion cores, break down junk, and who purple characters are to get help with some game basics.