Atomic Heart: How To Use & Equip Weapon Cartridges

Unable to load up the weapon cartridges? Check out our guide on how to use and equip Cartridges in Atomic Heart.

Set in the alternate history of the 1955 USSR, Atomic Heart features many gameplay mechanics and elements to explore. One of these mechanics includes the cartridges whose uses are not explained much in the game. With an extensive range of melee weapons, these Cartridges can provide you with elemental buffs like Fire and Ice. You can use them to make your upgraded weapons more powerful and have the edge over the robotic enemies around Facility 3826. But several players are confused about loading the Cartridges into weapons. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to equip and use Cartridges in Atomic Heart.

How to Use & Equip Cartridges in Atomic Heart

use equip cartridge atomic heart

To use and equip the Weapon Cartridges in Atomic Heart, you will need the “blueprints” to craft them in the “NORA vending machine”. Once you have the Cartridges, here’s how you can use and equip them on PC and consoles:

  • Use the “MMB” button on the PC to equip the weapon cartridges.
  • For Xbox and PS players, you can equip and use the Cartridges by opening the Weapon wheel.
  • PS5 and PS4 players can hold the Square button to open their weapon wheel.
  • While for Xbox One and Series X | S players, hold the X button to access your weapon wheel.
  • Then, console players must select the hexagonal section at the bottom of the wheel.
  • This will prompt you to a section displaying all of your available Cartridges. Navigate to the preferable cartridge and press the trigger button to equip it.

Note that you won’t be able to use the cartridges on the weapons that don’t have Cartridge slots. You have to head over to the NORA machine and interact with it. Then, navigate to the Upgrades > Cartridge Gun > select your preferable weapons > select the Basic Level. This will allow you to load different Cartridges into your Melee weapons.

What are the Types of Cartridges

There are three types of Cartridges in the Atomic Heart and they are as follows:

  • Fire Cartridge
  • Ice Cartridge
  • Electric Cartridge 

Each of the above cartridges has different Elemental buffs and effects to them. As you use the Fire Cartridge on weapons, you can set the targetted enemies on fire in Atomic Heart. The Ice Cartridge can freeze the target enemies with frost elemental damage. Lastly, the Electric Cartridge casts an electrifying Shok effect on the targeted enemies. Having said that, different enemies also have specific weaknesses or vulnerabilities. So, we suggest using these cartridges according to the robotic enemies or monsters you will encounter along the way.

That’s everything covered about how to equip and use Cartridges in Atomic Heart. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on the best early melee weapons, how to throw items, how to use Scanner, and more Atomic Heart Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.