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How To Use Shock In Atomic Heart (Shok Ability)

Unable to use the Shok ability? Check out our guide on how to use Shock in Atomic Heart.

As you explore the alternate cyber reality of the USSR in Atomic Heart, you will unlock several abilities. Shock or Shok (with a Russian accent) as written in the game, is one of the first polymeric abilities you will unlock early. Since Robots are vulnerable to electricity, it’s obvious that this can be a handy combat and utility tool. Although aside from combat, you can also use it for several other purposes. But a majority of players are a bit confused about using the Shok ability. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to use Shok or Shock in Atomic Heart.

How to Use Shok in Atomic Heart (Shock Ability)

Shock or Shok is the first Polymeric ability you will obtain or unlock in the game. As mentioned earlier, it can be used for several purposes apart from destroying robots. The Shok ability does not consume any energy or ammo. But note that it has a short cooldown period as you use the Shok. All you need to do is aim and hit the key button or control to use the Shock ability in Atomic Heart.

Once you hit the assigned keybind for Shock ability, your glove Charles will shoot a lightning zap at whatever you are aiming at. So, here are the default keybinds or buttons to use the Shock for all supported platforms:

  • Windows PC: Aim and hit the V key button to use the Shok attack.
  • Xbox Series X | S & One: Aim and hit the Y button on your controller to use Shok.
  • PS5 and PS4: Aim and hit the Triangle button to use Shok.

You can use the Shock to unlock the locked Mag-locks throughout the playthrough. You can also use Shock to activate or deactivate different machinery. But this Polymeric ability can also be used as a combat tool in different scenarios. Since it neither consumes any energy nor ammo, you can use it to stagger robotic enemies. Once they are down, take them down with different attacks or combos. You can also use the Shok to heal yourself when encountering large groups of Robots. This could save up your ammo during times of distress.

How to Unlock Shock or Shok Ability

use shok shock atomic heart

You can unlock or get the Shock ability by simply progressing through the story. You have to keep on progressing the storyline until you meet NORA while searching for Comrade Petrov through Facility 3826. As soon as you encounter the upgrade kiosk NORA, you will obtain the Shok ability at a base level.

How to Upgrade the Shock Ability in Atomic Heart

Similar to unlocking it, you can head over to the NORA vending machine to upgrade the Shok ability. You can find their kiosks at different upgrade terminals and Safe houses. So, we suggest checking out and exploring random doors. You can spend Neuropolymer to upgrade the Shok and other abilities with NORA.

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