Best Early Game Melee Weapons In Atomic Heart

Here is a guide on the best melee weapons to use in Atomic Heart.

Are you looking for the best melee weapons in Atomic Heart? Then keep reading till the end to know every detail. The first-person game has plenty of weapons which players can choose from to decimate robots. Though guns are always easier to use, there is no greater joy compared to swinging your melee weapons at your enemies. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the best melee weapons that you can choose!

Best Melee Weapons in Atomic Heart


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The Zvezdochka is one of the strongest melee weapons that you can get in the game right now. You can get this weapon relatively early on in the game right after you get out of Vavilov. Here, your task will be to find an exit from the village. The blueprints for Zvezdochka will be located in a chest on the second floor balcony.

This melee weapon’s appearance is more like a heavy gun. It has a motor mounted to the handle which makes the discs of the sharp saw spin. Ensure that you have enough metal parts as the Zvezdochka will require 19 superconductors and 15 chemistry materials to craft Zvezdochka.


Pashtet Atomic Heart
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The Pashtet is by far the fastest melee weapon in Atomic Heart. Its amazing speed is what makes it one of the weapons to go for in the game. Like Zvezdochka, you can get this melee weapon quite early in the game. Moreover, this melee weapon has a ton of upgrades to choose from as well.


Image Source: Mundfish

One of the first melee weapons that you will encounter in the game is the Swede. Well, it resembles an ordinary axe and you might feel the need to get your hands on some better melee weapons. But let us tell you one thing, the Swede is actually one of those few weapons which you can carry later on in the game. This is because the axe has pretty balanced stats which you can further enhance with the right upgrades.

That’s all you need to know on the best Melee weapons in Atomic Heart. While you’re here, check out how to use Shock ability, how to throw items and how to change FOV on PC in our Atomic Heart guides section.