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Minecraft: How To Update On Xbox One & Series X|S

Trying to get the latest version of Minecraft on your Xbox? Check out this guide to learn how to update it on your Xbox One & Series X|S.

Minecraft update 1.19 is out and many players are looking to update it on their Xbox One & Series X|S. Getting the latest updates of your games is a must as you get many bug fixes and new features. And what better game to update than Minecraft, as this update, brings you a mud, allay mob, and other new features. So in this guide let us check how to update Minecraft to 1.19 on Xbox One and Series X|S consoles.

The below method to update your game is valid for other versions as well and not just the update 1.19 of the game.


How to Update Minecraft on Xbox

minecraft update on xbox one and series x and s

You can update Minecraft on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S by managing your game and add-ons. Here is what you need to do.


  1. Start your Xbox One or Series X|S.
  2. Next, sign in to your Xbox account if it is not signed in already.
  3. Take your controller and press the Xbox button on it.
  4. Next, choose My Apps and Games.
  5. Now, look for Minecraft and click on More options.
  6. Here, select Manage games and Add ons.
  7. Now, choose Updates.
  8. The console will check if there are any updates available for Minecraft.
  9. If there is an update available the game will start updating. But if you can’t see any updates then you are already on the latest version.

In case a new version is out but you can’t find it on your Xbox, then try restarting your console to fix the issue. Alternatively, you can also test your connection to see if it is working properly and then try updating again.

That is everything that you need to do to update Minecraft on your Xbox One or Series X|S consoles. Since you are interested in this game you might find our guide useful for the FAQs answered for Java & Bedrock Merge, how to get & use Prismarine shards, and making a Redstone Piston door. And for help on other topics for this game check out our Minecraft guides.