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Minecraft Java & Bedrock Merge – FAQs Answered

Have some questions related to the Minecraft Java & Bedrock Merge? Here's all you need to know.

There are quite a few versions of Minecraft available and it can get confusing for those trying to dive into the experience. Mojang has now made things easier for players – the Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions now merge. This creates Minecraft Java & Bedrock edition for PC and it’s out on June 7, 2022. Here’s everything you need to know about this merge.

Minecraft Java & Bedrock Merge


minecraft java bedrock merging

The two games, Minecraft Java & Bedrock are now under one purchase as a “bundle”. So, you only need to spend your money once to own both editions on PC. This is the standard and only offering of vanilla Minecraft on Windows PC. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this merger.

Can you Crossplay with Java or Bedrock players?


Yes, you can easily cross play with Minecraft Java or Bedrock players by starting the relevant edition from the launcher, but not at the same time.

What if I own both Editions already – Do I have to buy the new Bundle?

The answer is no. If you own Minecraft Java Edition or Bedrock Edition already, you will get the other game for free. So, if you have already purchased Java, you don’t have to spend money again to purchase Bedrock edition and vice versa. The change will happen automatically and you do not have to claim anything.


Do Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions become ONE game?

No, they will remain SEPARATE games with their own features and elements. The only thing that changes is that you have to pay only once and you get both of them because they are now sold under one roof of Minecraft Java & Bedrock. You can start any of them via the same launcher.

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This is a good idea for those players who were not sure about the version to purchase and held off of purchasing due to it. Plus, the fact that you don’t have to spend extra money to get another edition is good too. You can now try Java mods if you’ve been playing Bedrock, and Java players can bring attention to Bedrock too. This is a total win-win situation for players and Mojang alike.

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