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Minecraft Allay Mob: Things Known So Far (2022)

Interested about the helper mob Allay in Minecraft? Check out this guide to learn everything about it.

Minecraft update 1.19 is around the corner and Allay is one of the new mobs everyone is excited about. The biggest reason for this excitement is that it won the Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote. These little creatures are about to become the most beloved collector mob even though they are the only ones of their type at the time of writing this article. So without further ado let us learn about Allay in Minecraft.

Everything known so far about Allay Mob in Minecraft


allay minecraft

Allay is the newest helper mob that will release with update 1.19 of Minecraft.

  • They resemble Spawn Vex: Both of these mobs share similar wings. But that is where the similarities end, the Allay look like floating fairies while Spawn Vex has a more humanoid body.
  • They Glow: That is right this new mob can glow at night. So if you are playing in the dark then you can easily see them floating around with their peculiar blue color.
  • Use them for Collection: Allay mobs are excellent collectors. All you have to do is give them an item to hold and they will collect that item type in the area. And once you place a Note block they will drop the collected items near it. One of the best use for them is sorting, you can give them the items you want to sort and accordingly empty these items from your inventory. They will collect all the similar types of items and then you can decide how you wish to sort your inventory. Once you are ready simply use the note block and take the items back from them.


Some known bugs

  • It can only hold items: As of now if you are trying to feed it something or give it a nametag then that won’t work. The simple reason behind this is they will take the item and carry it instead of consuming them. Thanks to OMGcraft – Minecraft Tips & Tutorials! on YouTube for sharing this interesting bug.

That covers everything known so far about the Allay mob in Minecraft. I urge you to check our guide on all the new mobs in the 1.19 update. And if you need more help on other topics of this game then head over to our Minecraft section.