All Free Wuthering Waves Characters & How To Get Them

There’s a list of free characters in WuWa that you can unlock and invite to your team. Here’s where you can find and claim them.

While the main idea is to promote new in-game characters through the Gacha System, there’s a list of free characters in Wuthering Waves as well. For now, 7 free characters are waiting for you to claim them. They are scattered at certain points in the game where you have to do some tasks and unlock them for good. It is possible that you miss out on these characters and that’s why here’s a guide to help you unlock them.

How to Unlock All Free Characters in WuWa

Below you can find all the free characters along with the tasks that you must accomplish to unlock them:

1 Rover (Spectro)

Rover (Spectro)
  • Rarity: 5 Star
  • Main Weapon: Sword

Rover is the main protagonist in Wuthering Waves and has been automatically unlocked since the beginning.

2 Rover (Havoc)

Rover (Havoc)
  • Rarity: 5 Star
  • Main Weapon: Sword

You can unlock Rover with the Havoc element right after completing the Grand Warstorm main quest in Act VI.

3 Yangyang (Aero)

Yangyang (Aero)
  • Rarity: 4 Star
  • Main Weapon: Sword

This is the first character to join Rover’s party. You will unlock her automatically while completing the prologue chapter.

4 Chixia (Fusion)

Chixia (Fusion)
  • Rarity: 4 Star
  • Main Weapon: Pistols

After Yangyang, Chixia is the second character to join Rover’s party in WuWa. You can find and unlock her at the end of the prologue chapter, after reaching Jinzhou City.

5 Baizhi (Glacio)

Baizhi (Glacio)
  • Rarity: 4 Star
  • Main Weapon: Rectifier

As part of the Banner Gacha System tutorial, you will be able to unlock Baizhi for free by drawing her from the Tidal Chorus banner.

6 Yuanwu (Electro)

Yuanwu (Electro)
  • Rarity: 4 Star
  • Main Weapon: Gauntlet

This 4 Star character becomes available once you take part in the Rumbling Hollows event and beat the Tower of Adversity’s Stable Zone.

7 Sanhua (Glacio)

Sanhua (Glacio)
  • Rarity: 4 Star
  • Main Weapon: Sword

To unlock Sanhua, you need to log in for 5 consecutive days after participating in the Gates of Thawing Frost event.

That’s all you can do to unlock every free character in Wuthering Waves. Just like free characters, you can treat yourself with free rewards by using WuWa Redemption Codes. Be sure to check out our guide to learn more about them.