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MultiVersus Previously Unlocked Characters Locked (Explained)

Here's everything to know about the previously unlocked characters locked in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is a free-to-play action-platform video game that features a wide range of iconic characters. These characters are unlocked as you progress in exchange for the in-game currency, Gold or Gleamium. Recently, some players in the community reported that their newly unlocked characters are missing from the Collection. While the issue can be a bit confusing, its explanation is pretty trivial. So, here’s everything to know about the previously unlocked characters locked in the MultiVersus.

Why are my Previously Unlocked Characters Locked in MultiVersus


previously unlocked characters locked multiversus

This issue is neither a glitch nor an error. MultiVersus offers a rotation of free characters every 2 weeks. This rotation includes random 4 free playable characters that you can access per week. As this bi-weekly rotation is not fully explained in-game, players are quite confused about this issue. Once the two-week ends, a new set of characters is unlocked for the players. This bi-weekly’s rotation includes the following free characters:

  • Finn
  • Garnet
  • Superman
  • Reindog


Regardless of the Gleamium or Gold, you can select these above fighters for a temporary time. During this, you can increase their mastery level and test them out. And you can also get several rewards from these characters. But it is like a trial version of these characters. Once the period is over, they are back to being locked to use. As mentioned, you can use Gold or Gleamium to get these characters permanently. When you do get these characters, your mastery level will continue from where you left. If these characters return for a free bi-weekly rotation, your level progress will still be there. So, that’s a relief!

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