Multiversus Gold Coins: How To Get & Farm More

By Darwin
3 Min Read

Multiversus is a Free-To-Play Crossover Fighting game created by Player First Games & Warner Bros. All the classic characters from our childhood that we grew up with have become playable Fighters. To be ahead of everybody, the player must choose a Fighter & master them. But not all of the Fighters in the game are unlocked. That’s where Gold Coins come into the picture. In this guide, I will show you how to get more Gold Coins in Multiversus.

How to Get & Farm More Gold Coins in Multiversus

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Gold or Gold Coins are a Currency in Multiversus that allows the Player to unlock other Fighters in the game. It is an important resource but is not easily available. As such, Player First Games have added other ways that the Players can use to get Gold. Below listed are the many ways of getting more Gold Coins in Multiversus.

Complete Multiversus Missions to get More Gold Coins in Multiversus

Missions in Multiversus allow the players to gain certain resources on completing a certain objective. As such, this is an easy way of getting a lot of Gold Coins as they tend to be easy objectives. Make sure that you complete your daily Quota of Missions to gain a steady flow of Gold Coins.

Tip: Your progression for the Missions is counted even if play against Bots. As such, you can grind out against AI and get a lot of Rewards.

Play with Friends

Multiversus is a Multiplayer game. As such, you can invite your friends & make a party with them. This is very beneficial to you as you gain a Boost of 30% to XP & Gold Coin. So whatever you will earn in a game will be increased by 30%. This boost is active even with one friend.

Battle Pass Completion

The Battle Pass in Multiversus has a lot of rewards. One of which is Gold Coins that are available in the Free tiers of the Battle Pass. So try to complete the Battle Pass at least till the Tiers of Gold Coins.

Level up your Fighters

On every Level 5 of a Fighter, you will get 100 Gold Coins. Currently, as of the writing of this article, there are 16 Fighters which is a potential of 1600 Gold Coins. Once you have a Fighter, focus on getting them to Level 5 for the Gold Coins.

This was all about how to get More Gold Coins in Multiversus. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Syncing Account State Error Fix in Multiversus.