Warzone 2 Suplex Deluxe: How To Unlock The Move?

Looking for some new finishing moves? Check out our guide on how to unlock the Suplex Deluxe in Warzone 2.

COD Warzone 2.0 features a plethora of unique gameplay mechanics and finishing moves for Operators. You can use the finishing moves to eliminate your opponents in style. These are the best moves to finish wounded or downed enemies. One of these Operator Finishing Moves includes the Suplex Deluxe. But several players are quite confused about unlocking it. Unlike different weapons, you don’t get many details on unlocking the finishing moves. Not to worry, here’s everything to know about unlocking Suplex Deluxe in Warzone 2.

How to Unlock Suplex Deluxe in Warzone 2

Currently, there are no available methods to unlock the Suplex Deluxe in Warzone 2. Due to the recent update, you cannot create private CDL matches. So, you cannot even try it out by equipping it in private CDL matches. However, you can try your luck by searching this finishing operator moves across the DMZ mode.

warzone 2 unlock suplex deluxe

But if Suplex Deluxe becomes ready to unlock in the future, the possible ways to get would be as follows:

  • Similar to a Sweet Dreams finisher, Suplex Deluxe could be unlocked in the Battle Pass.  For that, you would need to clear out different Sectors.
  • Or it could be purchased in a bundle including Suplex Deluxe at the Shop. But that would cost you COD Points.
  • Several finishing moves are unlocked by completing different Achievements. So, this finishing move can also potentially be unlocked through achievement in the future.

We hope Infinity Ward or Raven Software reveals any details about this Operator finishing move. Nevertheless, we will make sure to update this guide if we get any word or Infinity Ward spill the beans about this move.

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