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CoD Warzone 2 Al Mazrah: Best POIs and Drop Locations Explained

Here are all the POIs and locations you should know about in CoD Warzone 2.

Al Mazrah is the map where Battle Royale takes place in CoD Warzone 2 and many players are looking for the best drop locations. Since this game has a Battle Royale mode of 150 players, the map where it takes place also has to be huge. So in this guide check out the Best POIs and drop locations for Al Mazrah map in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0.


All Locations in CoD Warzone 2

cod warzone 2 al mazrah map guide

There are a total of 25 Locations spread over 6 different sectors of Al Mazrah. And these locations are:

  • Sector 1: Al Mazrah (Northwest)
    • Zone 1A – Oasis
    • Zone 1B – Taraq Village
    • Zone 1C – Western Foothills
    • Zone 1D – Rohan Oil Refinery
    • Zone 1E – Al Safwa Quarry
  • Sector 2: Al Mazrah (Northeast)
    • Zone 2A – North Industrial
    • Zone 2B – Western Outskirts
    • Zone 2C – Al Mazrah City
    • Zone 2D – Eastern Outskirts
    • Zone 2E – Southern Outskirts
    • Zone 2F – Zarqwa Hydroelectric
    • Zone 2G – Mawizeh Marshlands
    • Zone 2H – East Suburbs
  • Sector 3: Al Mazrah (West)
    • Zone 3A – Sattiq Cave Complex
    • Zone 3B – Hafid Port
    • Zone 3C – Sa’id City
  • Sector 4: Al Mazrah (Zaya Observatory & Mountains)
    • Zone 4A – Northwest Mountain
    • Zone 4B – Zaya Observatory
    • Zone 4C – Al Sharim Pass
    • Zone 4D – Ahkdar Village
  • Sector 5: Al Mazrah (Southwest)
    • Zone 5A – El Samman Cemetery
    • Zone 5B – Sawah Village
  • Sector 6: Al Mazrah (South)
    • Zone 6A – Sarrif Bay
    • Zone 6B – Al Malik Airport
    • Zone 6C – Al Bagra Fortress

Best Locations to Drop in Al Mazrah

all locations in al mazrah for call of duty warzone 2


These are the 6 best locations where you should drop in from each sector.

  • Zone 1B – Taraq Village: This zone is in Sector 1 Al Mazrah (Northwest). This location is excellent to drop at because of the abundance of buildings. Not only can you find a ton of loot here but there are also many covers for you to take if you get in a fight. The areas in this zone are:
    • Sand Runway
    • Fob Tango
    • Highway Junction
    • Taraq Village (Main)
    • Taraq Village (East)
    • NOC Oil Field (Rust)
    • NOC Oil: Mechanical Bay
    • Taraq Recycling
    • Rohan Oil: Orange Vat
  • Zone 2C – Al Mazrah City: This zone is in Sector 2: Al Mazrah (Northeast). If you are looking to take fights, then this zone can be useful to you. In Al Mazrah City you can find these areas:
    • Police Station
    • Hotels, Apartments, Shops
    • Museum District
    • Channel 7 Tv Tower
    • Low Rise Offices and Market
    • Embassy
    • Canal, Apartments, and Promenade (North)
    • Hotel and Shopping Promenade (South)
    • Bridges and River
    • Al Mazrah Highrise
    • Exterior Food Court
    • Residential and Shopping, Basketball Court
    • Al Mazrah Metro Station
    • Plaza and Underground Parking
  • Zone 3B – Hafid Port: This zone is in Sector 3: Al Mazrah (West). This area is on the corner of the map so it is a tricky spot to recommend for dropping. But if can find a vehicle there, then it is a good spot. Here you should find somewhat fewer fights as compared to some other areas but still be able to loot a lot. These are the areas you can explore in this zone:
    • Oil Jetty
    • Warehouse Complex
    • Rohan Storage Vats
    • Logistics Warehouse and Loading
    • Container Graveyard
  • Zone 4A – Northwest Mountain: This zone is in Sector 4: Al Mazrah (Zaya Observatory & Mountains). If you are looking for a place that is in the center of the map, this location should be where you drop at. You can explore these areas here:
    • Road Bridge
    • Hydro Outskirts (Hillside Village)
    • Mountain Hamlet and West Tunnel
    • Goat Trails (Northwest)
    • Main Road and Southwest Tunnel
  • Zone 5A – El Samman Cemetery: This zone is in Sector 5: Al Mazrah (Southwest). It is another zone that is relatively closer to the center part of the map. This zone too has plenty of buildings for you to loot and get cover from. Here are the areas in this zone:
    • Southside Residential
    • Roadside Market
    • Zaya Village
    • Ancient Plateau
    • El Samman Cemetery
    • Roadside Compound
    • South Promontories and Comms Tower
  • Zone 6B – Al Malik Airport: This zone is in Sector 6: Al Mazrah (South). It has plenty of good open spots if you love taking fights. You can access these areas here:
    • Airport Entrance
    • Parking, Fuel Depot, and Warehouses
    • Airport Terminal
    • Runway (West)
    • Runway (East)
    • Control Tower

That covers this guide on all Locations and Points of Interest (POIs) in Al Mazrah in CoD Warzone 2 and the best locations to drop in. Since you like playing this game don’t forget to check out our other Warzone 2.0 guides.