Remnant 2: How To Unlock Summoner Archetype

Here's your guide on how to unlock the Summoner Archetype class in Remnant 2 for a new gameplay style.

Summoner Archetype is one of the unlockable secret classes in Remnant 2 that will provide a different gameplay style. Their ability to bring minions and help in defeating enemies makes them quite valuable and they can often take on numerous enemies once they have reached a certain level. Although it will take some time before players can unlock it, the Summoner class is one of the best ones that we have come across.

How to Unlock Summoner Archetype in Remnant 2


If you are looking to unlock Summoner Archetype in Remnant 2, you will need to purchase the Faded Grimoire from the Bloodmoon Altar in Yaesha for 15 Bloodmoon Essence. After that, players will have to take the Faded Grimoire to Wallace in Ward 13 and then get him to craft the Tome of the Bringer. Once players get and equip the Tome of the Bringer, they will be able to unlock and use the Summoner Archetype.

While Bloodmoon Essence are not really that hard to get, players have to wait for the sky to turn crimson and the Blood Moon to set in. Since it is the only currency that players can use to get Faded Grimoire, you have no option but to farm it.

Summoner Archetype Class Perks

Here are all the skills and perks for the Summoner Archetype in Remnant 2:

  • Prime Perk
    • Ruthless – When the Summoner deals damage to their Minion, it causes them to Enrage. Minions gain [30-50%] increased Damage, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed. Lasts 20s
  • Damage Perk
    • Dominator – Increases Mod and Skill Damage by 3.5% while a Minion is active. Sacrificing a Minion increases Ranged and Melee Damage by 3% for 30s or until another Minion is summoned. Increases with Summoner level.
  • Team Perk
    • Residue – Minions that expire lave a 3m Aura which heals 2.5% Health per second. Lasts 10s.
  • Utility Perk
    • Outrage – Sacrifice grants 3% Lifesteal for each Minion Sacrificed. Lasts 10s.
  • Relic Perk
    • Incite – Using a Relic grants Minions 5% Max HP per second, and increases their damage dealt by 15%. Lasts 30s.

Summoner Archetype Class Skills in Remnant 2

Here are the skills that you get along with this class:

  • Minion Hollow
    • Press – Summons a Root Hollow Minion to fight by your side. Costs 15% of Max Health to summon, but will not kill Summoner. Max (2)
    • Hold – Sacrifice Root Hollow Minion to explode, dealing 150 damage within 2m. Reduces Skill Cooldown by up to 50% based on remaining Health of each Minion Sacrificed.
  • Minion Flyer
    • Press – Summons a Root Flyer Minion to fight by your side. Costs 10% of Max Health to summon, but will not kill Summoner. Max (2).
    • Hold – SACRIFICE all Root Flyer Minions, dealing 50 damage within 3m and spawning 3 homing projectiles which explode on contact for 150 damage each.
  • Minion Reaver
    • Press – Summons a Root Reaver Minion to fight by your side. Costs 35% of Max Health to summon, but will not kill Summoner. Max (1).
    • Hold – Sacrifice all Root Flyer Minion, dealing 200 damage within 6m and spawning Spore Bombs which bounce and explode on contact for 200 damage each.

That’s all we have on the Summoner Archetype in Remnant 2. If you are yet to unlock the Engineer Archetype & Invader Archetype, you can check out the best ways by heading to our guides. Since you are playing Remnant 2, you might find out other guides useful so make sure you check them out while you are here at Gamer Tweak.