How To Unlock Sorcerer Vocation In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Wish to become a Sorcerer in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Here’s how you unlock this Vocation and enjoy its powers.

The Sorcerer Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a real game changer in long and mid-range combat. Whoever chooses this Vocation gets access to the most powerful spells there is to offer. But unfortunately, it is one of those Vocations that needs to be unlocked. So to become a Sorcerer, you will have to complete the “Vocation Frustration” quest by finding an Archistaff. In this guide, we are going to walk you through the steps for completing this quest and unlocking the Sorcerer Vocation in DD2.

By the way, this is the exact same quest in which you can also unlock the Warrior Vocation. But for that, you have to find a Greatsword that is surprisingly found in the same location as the Archistaff.

How to Unlock Sorcerer Vocation in DD2

As I said, you will have to complete the “Vocation Frustration” quest to unlock the Sorcerer Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2. To start this quest, you will have to interact with an NPC called Klaus in the Vernworth Vocation Guild. This location is found just beneath the Shakir’s Inn near the Merchant Quarter in the Vernworth region (refer to the above image).

After speaking to Klaus, you will begin the quest and you will asked to meet Roderick Smithy, an NPC who runs a Local Armory. Roderick knows the location of the Archistaff so it will be better if you go and meet him. Speaking to this NPC will reveal that the Archistaff can be found inside the Trevo Mines, just northwest of the Vernworth.

Once you reach the Trevo Mines, follow these directions to find the Archistaff:

  • Keep walking straight in the mine and take a left turn when the path branches two ways.
  • Next, walk a few steps and you will enter a big hall-type area.
  • From there, enter the cave on the left that is next to a boulder.
  • Follow the path and enter a hall with a wooden bridge on top.
  • Now, enter the cave in the front to find a treasure chest in it.
  • Open it to collect the Archistaff known as Grievous Horns.

Now that you have the Archistaff, take it to Klaus to finally unlock the Sorcerer Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Not to forget that you will have to spend 150 DCP (Discipline Points) to become the Sorcerer.

Pro Tip: Before heading over to the Trevo Mines, interact with Captain Brant. Doing so will unlock the “Monster Culling” quest which tasks you with clearing out the Goblins in Trevo Mines. Since you will be heading to find the Archistaff, defeating the Goblins alongside will help you clear two quests at one time.

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That’s all there is to know about becoming a Sorcerer in Dragon’s Dogma 2. In case you feel like changing your Vocation later, then be sure to check out our guide on it. We have covered plenty of DD2 guides to help you out.