Best Dragon’s Dogma 2 Vocations Tier List

Selecting any particular Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma is a real challenge. That is why, we have created this Tier List to help you find your pick.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has plenty of Vocations (or Classes) so you can figure out your approach in combat. For example, if you want to purely rely on magical spells then Sorcerer is the perfect Vocation for you. But players who aren’t familiar with them will have a little confusion in finding out what’s best for them. So to solve that issue, we have created this Dragon’s Dogma 2 Best Vocations Tier List. Refer to it and make sure to unlock our best Vocations on priority.

Aside from that, we have also mentioned the Best Starter and Pawn Vocations. Since it is possible to change the Vocations later, you can try our picks for the starting period to give yourself a healthy boost. And for those who need support all the time, our Best DD2 Pawn Vocations will help them too.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Vocations Tier List

All Vocations have been assigned a Tier depending on their skills. Those with the best skills and functionalities come under the S Tier followed by A, B, and C Tiers. That being said, below is our DD2 Best Vocations Tier List:

  • S Tier: Mystic Spearhand, Warfarer
  • A Tier: Sorcerer, Warrior, Trickster
  • B Tier: Fighter, Thief, Mage, Magick Archer
  • C Tier: Archer

1 Mystic Spearhand

Mystic Spearhand
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We believe the Mystic Spearhand Vocation deserves the top spot because of its all-rounder abilities. With this class, you will get access to a melee weapon (Spear) that syncs well with magical powers. Not only you will be able to sweep all the enemies with physical and magical damage but you will also be able to create openings by slowing their mobility.

2 Warfarer

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Next to that, we have the Warfarer Vocation which is well known for its versatility. A Warfarer can learn moves from all other Vocations and have access to every weapon in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This means you have a scope for creating several builds and combos using a Warfarer. Just so you know, being a Warfarer requires immense knowledge and is usually recommended for a seasoned player.

3 Sorcerer

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The Sorcerer slightly misses the mark of being the best Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and I will tell you why. Although you will get extremely powerful spells to cast, some of them will take a while to process. While Sorcerers can cause havoc in long and mid-range battles, they may need assistance from Pawns in close combats. Despite everything, it can make a great Starter Vocation if you learn when to cast spells from a distance.

4 Warrior

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The Warrior Vocation does not require any introduction as it is the most basic class in any fighting game. Being a Warrior, you have only one goal – jump into the crowd and deliver strong swinging blows to your opponents. But you will also have to be careful as charging heavy attacks takes some time. This may leave you vulnerable to incoming attacks for a smaller period. Overall, for those who love melee combat, this one is the Best Vocation in DD2.

5 Trickster

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A Trickster takes a support-oriented approach rather than leading the charge in battle. This Vocation offers you a skillset that can create illusions to stagger enemies. Plus, a Trickster can also provide buffs to strengthen allies and debuffs to weaken enemies. Moreover, they have great scouting abilities making them an ideal option for those who want to explore.

6 Fighter

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The Fighter Vocation is your Tank that can lead from the front to attract enemies. With the shield equipped, a Fighter can absorb all the incoming damage and throw it back on the enemy with a perfect parry. This Vocation is best suited for Pawns as they can keep the opponents busy with their aggressive playstyle.

7 Thief

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Out of all the Vocations, the Thief has the highest mobility. They are extremely agile and can climb on giant enemies to attack their weak spots and bring them to the ground. Thieves can target one enemy at a time but also can feel defenseless when surrounded by multiple enemies. Considering you won’t be facing many enemies in the beginning, a Thief can make the Best Starter Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

8 Mage

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Unlike Sorcerers, Mages prefer to take a supportive role in combat. Their primary skills allow them to heal allies and also enchant their weapons with elemental damage. This Vocation has a lower health bar but in times of crisis, this can be compensated by their powerful spells. Mages can make the Best Pawn Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 if you are willing to put in the effort.

9 Magick Archer

Magick Archer
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Are you looking for a vocation that can support your allies while also being aggressive against your enemies? Look no further than the Magick Archer! This versatile class has access to powerful projectile spells that can deal damage from a distance. While they may be vulnerable in close-range combat, their healing spells can keep you and your allies in the fight for longer. By playing your role from a distance, you can provide crucial support to your allies while they take the fight to the enemy.

10 Archer

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This Vocation carries a typical loadout including a bow and arrows. What makes an Archer different is its ability to craft and shoot elemental arrows. Although it will be great to take down a single enemy, you might feel a little overwhelmed when a bunch of them show up together. So for an Archer, it’s all about maintaining the distance and supporting the allies. Due to this, an Archer is a highly recommended Pawn Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

That’s all covered for our Best Vocations Tier List in Dragon’s Dogma 2. For more crucial information like this, feel free to access our dedicated space for Dragon’s Dogma 2.