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Two Point Campus: How To Unlock Sandbox Mode

Here is how you can unlock the Sandbox Mode in Two Point Campus.

Sandbox is a game mode that you can unlock in Two Point Campus. One of the many reasons you might want to unlock it is to get more Kudosh. It also gives you more freedom to play, as this is different from the game’s campaign. But sadly you don’t get this mode on its when you just start playing and you need to do a few things to unlock it. So in this guide let us check how to get the Sandbox mode in Two Point Campus.

How to Unlock Sandbox Mode in Two Point Campus

two point campus how to get sandbox mode

You need to progress and complete the game till level 4 of the game. And just completing it isn’t enough you also need to get One Star Campus in all four of them. The four levels are:

  • Freshleigh Meadows
  • Piazza Lanatra
  • Mitton University
  • Noblestead

Here are all the objectives that you need to complete in each one of them:

  • Freshleigh Meadows
    • Campus Level: Increase it to 5
    • Average Happiness Rating: Increase it to 60%
    • Pass Virtual Normality Class: Pass it with Grade C
  • Piazza Lanatra
    • Students to Complete Private Tuition: 10
    • Average Student Entertainment: Increase it to 70%
    • B Grade Gastronomy Classes: 5
    • Win 1 Campus Cook-Off
  • Mitton University
    • Campus Level: Increase it to 12
    • Level 6 Robotics Students: 10
    • Research Projects: Complete 2 of them
    • Build 1 Robot
  • Noblestead
    • Cure Medical Issues: 5
    • Attractiveness Rating: Increase it to 75%
    • Knight School Classes: B+ Grade
    • Remove Invaders: 15

Once you manage to complete all of the objectives given above, you will get one-star campus on these levels. This will unlock the Sandbox Mode for you.

How to Play Sandbox Mode

You can start playing in Sandbox mode after unlocking it.

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Select Sandbox mode.
  3. Here you can select the campus level that you want to play. You even get to choose different mode settings here. The four options you get here are:
    • Standard
    • Creative
    • Challenge
    • Custom
  4. Select one of the options and you can start playing in this mode.

That covers this guide on how to get Sandbox mode in Two Point Campus. You should also check our other guides for this game on how to train staff, increase the happiness of students & staff, and make money fast.