Overwatch 2: How To Unlock Kiriko Quickly

Here is how you can unlock Kiriko in Overwatch 2.

Kiriko is a new Support ninja hero in Overwatch 2 that many players are looking to unlock. Since the game has shifted to the free-to-play model. The game is supposed to see many new players joining the game. And with it, there are also going to be multiple ways for players to get this character. So without further ado let us quickly check all the ways you can unlock Kiriko in Overwatch 2, and the ways that let you get her fast.

How to Unlock Kiriko in Overwatch 2

how to unlock kiriko in overwatch 2

There are 3 ways to Unlock Kiriko in this game:

  • Grinding the Battle pass: Kiriko becomes available for free at Tier 55 of the battle pass. So it will take most free-to-play players quite a while and a lot of grinding to unlock and start using her. The best way to quickly grind the battle pass will be to complete the daily and weekly challenges. So playing daily is a must if you plan to speed up the process to unlock her. Oh, and you can speed up the process even more by playing with your friends as it gives you a 20% XP boost.

While the above is a slow procedure, it is great for players that like to enjoy the free version of the game. Here are the other ways that let you immediately unlock her:

  • Buying the Premium Battle Pass: In case you wish to not wait and don’t mind spending real money then this option is for you. You can buy the Premium Battle Pass for 1000 Overwatch Coins. This costs around 10$. Here is what all you get with the Premium Battle Pass:
    • Kiriko Unlocked
    • 20% XP Battle Pass Boost
    • Mythic Skin: 1
    • Legendary Skins: 5
    • Epic Skin: 3
    • Play of the Game Intros: 3
    • Souvenirs: 3
    • Emotes: 3
    • Name Cards: 6
    • Poses: 6
    • Weapon Charms: 4
    • And other cosmetic rewards
  • Claiming the Founder’s Pack: In order to claim the Founder’s Pack, you should own Overwatch before June 23, 2022. So if you already have the original game, then log in to the live game by 5th December 2022. Alternatively, you can also log in to Overwatch before 4th October 2022. Once you have logged in you will receive Kiriko and all of the perks of the Founder’s pack.

That sums up all the ways you can use to unlock Kiriko in Overwatch 2 to get her fast. Now that you have her unlocked, why not try her out in Push Mode? And if you find that some players are cheating there then you can always report hackers. And for other help on this game check out our Overwatch 2 guides.