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Saints Row Hoverboard: How To Unlock & Get (2022)

Check out our guide on how to get and unlock the Hoverboard in Saints Row Reboot.

The recent release of Saints Row Reboot features an expansive open world. There’s a wide range of bizarre vehicles and gadgets to choose from. A hoverboard is one of the flashy vehicles that can elevate and be used in combat. With the Prototype RTP 62-8S hoverboard, players can traverse with a style and drip. But getting your hands on this piece of tech can be a bit of a task. So, here’s our guide on how to get and unlock the Hoverboard in Saints Row.

How to Unlock the Hoverboard in Saints Row (2022)

You can get the Prototype RTP 62 8S hoverboard by progressing through the storyline missions of the campaign.

Follow these steps to get the Hoverboard:

  • Firstly, you need to complete the Networking mission to have an access to the Criminal Empire table on your HQ.
  • As you progress, complete the Severance Package mission to unlock the second wave of Criminal Ventures.
  • Upon reaching the tier 2 Empire, you need to purchase the Eurekabator venture for $ 100,000.
  • Once you have made the purchase, open your mobile phone and launch the Maps app.
  • Then, select the Eurakabator venture that will give you a location for an Alpha test of Hoverboard.

saints row how to unlock hoverboard

  • You need to run an Alpha test on the Prototype RTP 62-8S hoverboard.
  • This Alpha test only involves testing out the hoverboard and testing out its controls.
  • After you are well adept with the vehicle’s controls, you will be given a task to blow 3 cars.
  • And that’s the best part about this hoverboard. You can use the slam ability to generate an AoE shockwave.
  • What’s better is that you can use it to slam on different vehicles to blow them up.

how to unlock hoverboard in saints row

  • Upon exploding some vehicles, you also need to slam some Marshall vehicles in an office building.
  • As you blow these vehicles, some troopers will spawn and attack you.
  • You can use the hoverboard and your weapons to damage them. But we suggest you evade them by flying the hoverboard at full speed.
  • Once you have completed the Alpha Test mission, you can equip the hoverboard from Jim Rob’s garage or your Base of operations.

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