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Saints Row: How To Unlock & Get VTOL Jet Plane (2022)

Here is how you can get VTOL Jet Plane in Saints Row Reboot.

VTOL Jet is back in Saints Row (2022) for you to get and use. The VTOL jet plane was first introduced in the series in the third game. It was there as well in Saints Row IV and now it returns in this game. But just like the previous two games, you won’t be getting your hands on it anytime soon. So in this guide let us check how to unlock and get the VTOL jet in Saints Row Reboot.

How to Get VTOL Jet Plane in Saints Row (2022)

saints row 2022 how to unlock and get vtol jet

In order to Get VTOL Jet Plane, you first need to unlock the game’s final mission Showdown. And as the game is around 12-17 hours long. You should rightfully assume that unlocking the VTOL jet is going to take some time. This is also the mission where you first get to use the jet plane.

You can get to this mission by simply progressing and completing the game’s story. The jet in this game goes by the name MDI 921V VTOL. During the mission, you can find the jet on the landing spot.

What is the VTOL Jet?

As mentioned previously, the VTOL jet is a vehicle that has been in the series for the longest time. It stands for Vertical Take Off and Landing jet plane. The best part of this jet is that it has two modes. The first is hover mode which is ideal if you can better handle a helicopter. As for its Jet mode, it lets you fly the VTOL as it is, that is, a jet.

How to Use VTOL Jet in Saints Row

You can use your jet for traveling and combat. These are the controls for it.

  • Movement
    • PC: WASD keys
    • PlayStation: Left joystick
    • Xbox: Left joystick
  • Take Off
    • PC: Space key
    • PlayStation: X button
    • Xbox: A button
  • Landing/Descend
    • PC: Ctrl key
    • PlayStation: Square button
    • Xbox: X button
  • Missiles
    • PC: Right mouse click
    • PlayStation: L2
    • Xbox: LT
  • Lasers
    • PC: Left mouse click
    • PlayStation: R2
    • Xbox: RT
  • Switching mode between Hover and Jet
    • PC: Shift key
    • PlayStation: Circle button
    • Xbox: B button

That covers this guide on how to unlock and get the MDI 921V VTOL Jet in Saints Row Reboot (2022) and how to use it. And while you are here you might also want to check other guides on this game on how to play co-op with friends, increase max health, and import your boss.