Pet Simulator 99: How To Get Secret Pets (PS99 Guide)

Do this to unlock the ability and get Secret Pets in Pet Simulator 99.

The latest update 7 of the PS99 has brought a plethora of new things, including eggs, pets, areas, boss chests, and currency. Among those is the Secret Pets in Pet Simulator 99. As the name suggests their appearance is unlike any other you have ever seen in this game. If you saw them on the ground, you might not even be able to tell that they are pets.

While the update has 24 new areas, 24 eggs, 2 currencies, and 51 hatch pets, all seem dim in front of these pet variants. If this made you curious about the ways to acquire and hatch these, then you simply need to follow along, as we have covered the method right here.

How to Unlock and Get Secret Pets in Pet Simulator 99

Unlock and Get Secret Pets in Pet Simulator 99

You unlock the ability to hatch Secret Pets in the Pet Simulator 99 through Rebirth 5. This Rebirth statue is part of the new Area 125. It costs you 25 Tech Gold Coins to purchase this zone. Unlocking the ability doesn’t mean you will hatch them every time; they are super rare, but you get them from the eggs.

Talking about their appearance, they will look like objects and items, such as Coin, Block, and Banana. For now, these are all the designs we have seen. However, devs might add more in the future. Now let’s get to the benefit, the most profitable thing about these is that they will always be 95% as strong as your best pets.

Apart from the ability, the Rebirth gives you Area Quests, several rewards, a shiny chance boost, and permanently makes your pets 75% stronger. Like always, coins and areas will reset when you use the feature. So, spend the remaining coins on the hatch eggs after unlocking the area.

With that, we wrap up our ways to unlock and get Secret Pets in Pet Simulator 99. To find more topics like this, be sure to check our PS99 section. We have covered how to get The Hunt Badge and Titanic Silver Dragon Pet.