How To Get Into Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower In TotK

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Just like any other Skyview Tower, Gerudo Highlands Tower is pretty tricky to unlock in Tears of the Kingdom. However, it isn’t that difficult and you just need to follow the hints and you’ll be good to go. For this puzzle, the hint is hidden in a note kept on a table inside the tent situated just beside the tower. But sometimes the hint is not enough and that easy to understand. If you’re stuck with the same puzzle, then we’ve got your back. Below we have mentioned a quick walk-through to save you some time.

How to Enter Gerudo Highlands Tower in Zelda TOTK

Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower location zelda totk
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In Tears of the Kingdom, to unlock & enter the Gerudo Highlands Tower you’ll have to enter the Skyview Tower from beneath it. For that, you’ll have to head into Meadela’s Mantle Cave located at the back of the shrine. For your reference below we have mentioned the coordinates and explained all the puzzle steps in detail.

  1. First head near the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower. (Tower coordinates -3959 -1290 0426)

    Meadela’s Mantle Cave location for Gerudo Highlands
    Source Image: BeardBear
  2. Then, enter Meadela’s Mantle Cave located in the northwest direction of the tent. (Cave coordinates: -3995 -1235 0423)
  3. Inside there use your Ultrahand ability and grab the wooden plank to hop on the water.
  4. Players can make a raft with the planks, or simply place it on the water and let the flow current do the rest. But ensure you have control of the raft, by crafting some kind of equipment or placing a Zonai Device.

    How To Unlock Gerudo Highlands Tower In Tears of the kingdom zelda
    Source Images: BeardBear
  5. After hopping on the water, the plank/ raft will go with the flow and you’ll soon come across a small waterfall.
  6. Once you reach down the waterfall make sure you are still on the plank/ raft.
  7. And move a little further and you’ll see wooden pillars holding the Skyview tower.
  8. Here simply move towards your left and look at the ceiling for a wooden plank.

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    find a way to get into the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower
    Source Images: WoW Quests
  9. And as soon as you do, use your Ascend ability and head up.
  10. Those planks are the base of the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower and that’s the only way in.

Also note, in the same cave, you’ll find a treasure chest, which holds a Gerudo Bow for you to obtain. That sums up all about how you can unlock & enter the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower in Tears of the Kingdom. If you’re on the road to unlocking the whole map, then check out the coordinates of all Skyview Towers in the game. Also, take a look at the Duplication glitch to dupe items in Zelda TotK.