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UFC 4: How To Touch Gloves

One of the many new features in UFC 4 is touching gloves. Here's how you can do it.

UFC 4 has introduced many new concepts and actions that were not a part of the previous installments of the game series. One of them is the traditional glove touch. Glove touch is a way of showing sportsmanship and respect for the game. It has been practiced in MMA for ages. But when it comes to UFC 4 there are a few more things that you can do with gloves touch. In this guide, we will discuss how to touch gloves in UFC 4 and what are the other actions you can perform while touching gloves.

How to Touch Gloves in UFC 4

Those who love MMA and are following it would know that gloves touch is done at the beginning of a match. The same applies to UFC 4 fights. Players can touch gloves at the beginning of a match when the referee signals to start the game. All you have to do is press L2 on PS4 or LT on Xbox One. That’s it as soon as you press this button, your character will walk slowly towards your opponent and offer a glove touch. The same buttons are used to accept a glove touch when offered. When you offer a glove touch, it is on your opponent whether to accept it or not.

Now coming onto the second part of this guide on how to touch gloves in UFC 4, i.e., other actions to perform while touching gloves. You can now use gloves touch as an opportunity to catch your opponents surprisingly and land an opening attack. But the same can be used against you. Hence, when an opponent offers or reciprocates to a glove touch, you have to observe his or her movement carefully.

That’s all you need to know about how to touch gloves in UFC 4. Using touch gloves as an opportunity is just one technique to help you get an upper hand in the game. You should also consider mastering other techniques like clinching and performing takedowns in UFC 4. You can also equip perks to upgrade the abilities of your fighter.