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How To Equip Perks In UFC 4

Here's how you can equip perks in UFC 4.

Perks play a vital role in UFC 4 career mode. Having the right perks and equipping them at the right time can have an impact on the fight results. When players create their first character, they get access to only a handful of abilities and perks. But as they continue their journey in the career mode, they get access to more important and helpful perks. Once they have got access, it is important to equip the best perks when going for a fight. So here’s your guide on how to equip perks in UFC 4 and which ones should you choose?

Perks Guide: How to Equip Perks in UFC 4

Before you get access to more powerful perks, you have to complete the introduction phase in the career mode. You have to compete in four matches to get done with the introduction phase. Once you complete it, you will be sent to the HUB Screen where you will get access to the perks and many other options.

When you are on the Hub Screen, you will see three options on the bottom right. Access these options by pressing RS/R3 and select the first option which says Fighter Evolution. You can perform multiple activities in the Fighter Evolution tab. For instance, you can upgrade attributes and equip perks from this tab. To equip perks, you need to press RT/R2 until you reach the perks option. In the perk option, you can buy perks from Evolution Points and equip them.

You can equip players with at most 5 perks. But that’s when you get to the champion level. By default, you have access to only 2 perk slots. The remaining 3 slots open after certain achievements, which are:

  • 3rd Slot: become a UFC fighter
  • 4th Slot: become a ranked UFC fighter
  • 5th Slot: become a UFC champion

Each perk has its own features and benefits. The basic perks that are available to a player at the beginning are:

  • Crazy Legs: Kickboxer fighting style
  • Laser Focus: Boxer fighting style
  • Crafty: Jiu-Jitsu fighting style
  • Grinder: Wrestler fighting style
  • Marathoner: Balanced fighting style

As you eventually grow in the career mode, you can buy and equip more perks from the Fighter Evolution Screen. Since there are only a limited number of perk slots available, a player should always choose the best one. And there is no one-size-fits-all solution for choosing the best perk. The benefits of perks depending on your game style and the situation of the fight. Here are a few options that you can place your bets on.

Out of the gates

Out of the gates is a stamina-based perk. This helps the most during the first two rounds of the game. It allows players to fight while consuming a lot less stamina. You can use this perk to get an upper hand in the fight right from the very beginning.

Frontal Assault

This perk increases a player’s speed and accuracy. It helps in overwhelming your opponents with both front and sidekicks. Regardless of your gaming style, this is a perk that you should always equip your player with. That’s because kicks are one of the best offensive attacks to use in MMA fighting. Kicks in UFC 4 also allows you to distract opponents before landing a knockout.

Wrestling Clinic

When you are down to the ground with heavy players on top of you, the Wrestling Clinic perk will save you. This perk increases fighter’s grapple defense when in ground position.


You would not want to lose in a fight just because you don’t have enough stamina to fight. That’s where Recharger perk comes into the picture. It helps to regain stamina over the course of time. This will ensure that you will not be left with low stamina in the final round of the fight.

Fast Hands

As the name suggests, this perk increases the speed of your hand attacks. While the Frontal Assault increased the speed of kicks, Fast Hands boosts the speed of hook precision and lethal uppercuts.

That’s all you need to know about how to equip perks in UFC 4. Equipping useful perks will help you become the ultimate UFC champion. But perks are not the only thing that you will require. You should also learn how to clinch and how to do takedowns in UFC 4 to win most of your fights.