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How To Do Takedowns In UFC 4 Easily (Takedown Guide)

If you want to know the controls and useful tips for performing Takedowns in UFC 4, you will find them in this guide.

UFC 4 is getting positive reviews and is a wonderful game for MMA fans. One of the important things to do in this game is knowing the right way to perform takedowns. Plus, you should also know how to defend yourself too. How a takedown works in UFC 4 is different from UFC 3, so many players are struggling with it. Don’t worry, our guide on how to do takedowns in UFC 4 will show you how to do exactly that.

EA Sports UFC 4 Takedowns – How to Perform


When you pin someone down, you get a significant advantage in UFC 4. You can easily get more strikes in and deal good damage to your opponent. Here’s how to perform takedowns in the UFC 4’s brand new system. Do remember that if you are a veteran player and want to revert to the previous system, you can change it in the settings.

Single Leg Takedown:

  • Xbox One: LT + X
  • PS4: L2 + Square


Double Leg Takedown:

  • Xbox One: LT + Y
  • PS4: L2 + Triangle

Power Single:


  • Xbox One: LT + LB + X
  • PS4: L2 + L1 + Square

Power Double:

  • Xbox One: LT + LB + Y
  • PS4: L2 + L1 + Triangle


With those controls, you have to ensure that you perform these maneuvers at the right moments. Note those moments when your opponent misses or is weakened and do a takedown quickly.

How to Defend Takedowns in UFC 4

Once you know how to perform them, you also need to know how to defend yourself. The controls given below will help you defend takedowns in UFC 4. Again, it is all about timing so you can take some time to get used to this and then master it.

  • Xbox One: LT + RT
  • PS4: L2 + R2

To Defend Clinch, move the right analog stick in a direction (works for both consoles).

You need to strategize your takedowns in UFC 4 based on your fighter and your enemy. Sometimes, a situation may require you to do something else and not a takedown. So the tip here is avoid doing it just for the sake of it. Also note that sometimes, performing a takedown next to the cage area can be difficult, hence the right position of your opponent matters too. Focus on your opponent’s stamina and use takedowns to swing the round in your favor. An ill-timed one, though, can turn the tables for you.

That’s everything you need to know. Keep practicing and you will know the exact time when you need to perform takedowns. For more latest tips and tricks for other games, visit our gaming guides on Gamer Tweak.