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How To Clinch In UFC 4: Complete Clinching Guide

Learn how to clinch in UFC 4 and deal great attacks on your foes.

EA Sports have recently launched UFC 4. While there are a few things in UFC 4 similar to the previous installments of the UFC series, many have been revamped. One such major change is that of Clinching. Clinching is a vital part of any mixed martial art game. It gives you numerous advantages to knock down opponents. To start with, it gives you an advancing position, allows you to strike, and perform takedowns. So if you don’t know how to clinch in UFC 4 or defense one, you will be receiving consecutive attacks from opponents.

Clinching is one of the most important strategies to win in UFC 4, especially when fighting online. Without knowing how to clinch in UFC 4, you cannot expect to get more wins. Well, not to worry as we are here. Here’s a guide to help you learn the basic skills of clinching and how to perform one in UFC 4.

How To Clinch In UFC 4

EA Sports have made clinching a more seamless action to perform in UFC 4. Unlike all the previous installments, where users had to reach and grab their opponents to perform a clinch, UFC 4 allows players to fall into one. This is useful if you know how to defend and reverse a clinch. That was all about the advantages of clinching, now let’s begin with how to clinch in UFC 4.

To begin with, you have to perform a single collar clinch on your opponent. This is done by pressing R1 + Square on PS4 and RB + X on Xbox One. Once you perform the single collar clinch, you will have many options to select from, including striking and takedowns. Before initiating a clinch it is important to note that timing matters a lot. If you perform a clinch at the wrong time, you may end up getting all the punishment. The best time to perform a clinch is when stamina is low and both players are standing close facing each other.

Once you have performed the single collar clinch, you can transition it into various positions by pressing different buttons on the console.

Complete clinching control guide for PS4 and Xbox One

Below is the complete clinch control guide for both offense and defense.

Clinch (Offense) PS4 Xbox One
Initiate Clinch R1 + Square RB + X
Rotate, Push and Pull Opponent Left analog stick Left analog stick
Left Punch Square X
Right Punch Triangle Y
Advanced Transition Modifier L1 LB
High Block R2 RT
Low Block L2 + R2 LT + RT
Advance Position R1 + Square R1 + Triangle RB + X RB + Y
Takedown/Submission Modifier L2 LT
Body Knees L2 + X/Circle LT + A/B
Head Knees L1 + X/Circle LB + A/B
Right Knee Circle B
Left Knee X A
Elbows L1 + Square + X L1 + Triangle + Circle LB + X + A LB + Y + B
Grapple Stick R R
Uppercuts Square + X Triangle + Circle X + A Y + B
Strike Modifier R1 RB
Hooks L1 + Square/Triangle LB + X/Y
Trip/Throw R1 + X R1 + Circle R1 + X R1 + Circle
Single/Double Leg Modifier L analog stick (flick) L analog stick (flick)
Submissions L2 + R1 + Square/Triangle LT + RB + X/Y

Clinching is not all about offensive hits, you also need to defend at time. Defending a clinch can save you a lot of damage. Here’s what you need to do to defend a clinch.

Clinch (Defense) PS4 Xbox One
Clinch Escape L analog stick (flick left) L analog stick (flick left)
Defend Submission R2 RT
Defend Takedown/Throw L2 + R2 LT + RT
Single/Double Leg Modifier L analog stick (flick) L analog stick (flick)

Word of Advice

The practice is the best way to improve your clinching abilities. But when it is time, players should have some tricks under their sleeves. So here are some basic tips that can help you get started.

The first thing to learn in clinching should be advancing position. With great control of advancing positions, it will be easy to transition to takedowns at fortunate moments. The next thing to practice is striking while in a clinch. When you have performed a clinch on an opponent, it is the best time to land some knees and elbows to attack your foes. Then you need to move on to defending clinch. Clinching is very powerful in the game. Hence, everyone who knows how to clinch in UFC 4 will try it out in online battles. You should therefore also learn how to escape from a clinch as it can save you a lot of damage.

It is not that difficult to master clinching in the game. With a little practice, you will gradually be able to take down your opponents in no time. This guide on how to clinch in UFS 4 will help you learn the technique more quickly.