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Two Point Campus Controls: How To Rotate, Zoom & More

Here's how to rotate objects, zoom camera and more controls for Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus gives players the freedom to build a campus of their dreams – one that is functional and fun. While creating rooms and adding items to it, you will need to know how to rotate them to make the best use of the space you’ve got. For those PC & Xbox players who want to know the rotate button command as well as other default keybinds, check out this Two Point Campus controls guide.

Two Point Campus PC Controls

two point campus how to rotate items objects

Here are the Camera controls as well as Cursor, HUD and Time-related controls that you will use in the game. When you start out, you will be required to build various rooms such as the Science lab, washrooms, Staff room, dormitory, etc. These rooms have to be made attractive with various items, and you can design the interiors as you like. During this process, knowing how to rotate objects, how to move them, zoom in/out and more will come in handy.

Camera Controls

Action Button
Rotate clockwise  Q
Rotate Anticlockwise  E
Rotate Anticlockwise Alt  Left Arrow
Rotate Clockwise Alt  Right Arrow
Pitch Up  R
Pitch Down  F
Zoom Out  Down Arrow
Pitch In  Up Arrow
Move Forward  W
Move Backward  S
Move Left  A
Move Right  D

Cursor Controls

Action Button
Cancel  Backspace
Subtract Mode  Left Ctrl
Subtract Mode Alt  Right Ctrl
Delete Item  Delete
Cycle Placement Mode  Tab

HUD Controls

Action Button
Quick Save  F6
Quick Load  F7
Copy Item  Left Ctrl
Copy Item Alt  Right Ctrl

Time Controls

Action Button
Pause Time  Space
Pause Time Alt  Pause
Increase Speed  Numpad Plus
Increase Speed Alt  Right bracket
Decrease Speed  Numpad Minus

Two Point Campus Xbox Controls

Action Button
Camera Zoom In RT
Camera Zoom Out LT
Rotate Item/Object RB/LB
Back/Cancel B
Select/Accept A
Game Speed Cycle RS
Menu Navigation D-Pad
Camera Pan/Menu Navigation LS
Game Speed Pause/Resume Press LS
Menu Menu button

Now that you have got the controls, go ahead and make the best campus! Don’t forget to also check out our other guides for this game on how to train staffincrease the happiness of students & staff, and make money fast.