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Twitch Failed To Update Settings – How To Fix?

Here's our guide on how to fix failed to update settings on Twitch.

Twitch had collaborated with the Streamlabs to improve the experience of Streamers. The users are more feasible to chat and get notified by the live streams. Streamlabs features an option to stream to different platforms and allows users to personalize. But as the users save their settings on Twitch, they are unable to apply these settings. So, here’s our guide for Twitch users that have failed to update settings on Twitch.

How to Fix Failed to Update Settings on Twitch?


Follow the mentioned below methods to resolve the issue:

Clear out Cache

  • Launch the Streamlabs Desktop.
  • Click on the cogwheel gear icon to open the settings.
  • Then, head over to the General tab.
  • Select Delete cache and restart option.
  • Check if you can update the settings on Twitch.


If the problem persists, you can try our next potential fix.

Re-login Twitch

  • Right-click on the Streamlabs Desktop and select Run as administrator.


twitch failed update settings fix

  • Click on the cogwheel icon in the left pane.

twitch failed update settings fix


  • Select the logout option from the left pane.
  • Close the app and then run Streamlabs Desktop again.
  • Launch Streamlabs desktop again and log in to your Twitch account.
  • Go to the settings to update your settings and check if this issue persists.

It worked for most of the Twitch users as they were able to save their settings. If it didn’t work out for you, try out our next method.

Run Auto-optimizer

  • Right-click on the Streamlabs OBS and select run as an administrator option.
  • Go to the settings by clicking a gear icon in the left pane.
  • Head over to the General tab and select the Auto optimize option.
  • Then click on the Start option.
  • Once the optimization is complete, select next to complete the process.

That’s all on how to fix failed to update settings on Twitch. If this guide helped you, make sure to check out our guide on how to fix Obs failed to load channel information, how to auto-claim twitch drops, and what does gifting subs mean on Twitch right here on Gamer Tweak.