What Does Gifting Subs Mean On Twitch?

Here's a guide on all about gifting subs on Twitch.

If you are a Twitch streamer, how will you expand your community? Surely, with good content! But sometimes interacting and listening to subscribers is the most integral factor to expand a community on Twitch. This is where gift subs come into the picture. Think of subs as a gesture to thank the streamer on Twitch for their work. A streamer can even give away subs to any random viewer on his channel. Scroll down till the end to know all about the meaning of gifting subs on Twitch.

Twitch Gifting Subs Meaning

You may have listened to countless streamers thanking their subscribers for their gifted subs. But what are subs? Subs are a gift in the form of money from subscribers to streamers as a token of appreciation or admiration. There are different gift subs available on Twitch. You can gift subs to a streamer for a month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year with different tiers. A streamer gets 50 percent of the total cost of the sub while the rest goes to Twitch.

How many tiers are there on Twitch?

There are 3 different tiers for gift subs.

  • If you gift a Tier 1 sub to a streamer it will cost $ 4.99
  • For Tier 2 sub, it costs $ 9.99
  • And for Tier 3 sub, it costs $24.99

You can also cancel the subscription anytime if you change your mind. The bigger the community of a streamer, the more you will save up on the subscription with their offers. Now let’s look at How to Gift subs?

How to Gift Subs to Streamers on Twitch?

  • Click on the Subscribe option right next to Follow.

twitch gift subs

  • Select Gift a Sub and then pick one out of three Tiers.
  • Then select the quantity of the subs you want to gift.

tier 1 gift subs

Are there any perks to Subs on Twitch?

Following are some perks by streamers to their subscribed audience:

Stream Ad-Free content

  • Imagine you are watching thrilling live gameplay and suddenly an ad pops up. Won’t that be annoying?
  • If you have subscribed to their channel, you can access their streams with no advertisements.

Exclusive Sub-only Chat

  • You can interact with your subscribed Twitch streamers by chat feature.
  • What’s interesting is that you can chat with them as they stream online and interact with you.

Channel points

  • These are the perks given to subscribers by streamers once they subscribe to their channel.
  • They can be in the form of emotes, sub-emotes, and badges given by streamers for their subscribers to interact.
  • You can get an emote of Highlighting your message on the chat by the streamer.
  • You will also get several badges by the streamer to mark the months or years you have been in the community.

Exclusive Subscriber Streams

  • Subscriber streams is the newest feature added to the Twitch community.
  • It allows you to join an exclusive stream of your subscribed channel and interact or enjoy their streams.
  • This feature can be useful to streamers to host a specific event-related stream on Twitch.

That was all on Gifting Subs on Twitch. If this guide helped you, you can check our other Twitch Guides, walkthroughs, tips, and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.

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