What Does Copium Mean In Twitch Chat & What’s Its Origin?

Find out the meaning of Copium in Twitch Chat and more about the meme and origins.

Copium in Twitch Chat is quite a common word. You may have seen the Copium meme being used on Reddit comments as well. However, the origin story of this meme is quite sketchy. So, get your Gen Z hats on, and let’s dive into the meaning and origins of Copium.

What is the Origin of Copium?

Twitch Copium Chat Meaning: Origin, Meme And Explanation
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The origin of the Copium meme actually dates back to 2003. This is even before Twitch launched on June 6, 2011. In 2003, rapper Keak da Sneak released his album “Copium” in the United States. This is the earliest known usage of the word. However, there is some doubt whether it actually carries the meaning of the Copium word that we know now.

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The next known presence of Copium came via the r/the_meltdown subreddit. This subreddit became popular after Donald Trump’s election win during the 2016 campaign. As most of the left-wing citizens were upset this meme saw an increase in popularity.

In 2020 it again made a comeback with Donald Trump losing the elections. However, this time around the meme crossed over into the right-wing camp. Who said memes can’t bring the world together?

Since its initial popularity in 2016, the Copium meme and the word itself have seen a gradual uptick in use on platforms such as Twitch, Discord, and Reddit.

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Copium Meaning in Twitch Chat

Copium is an amalgamation of two words ‘Cope’ and ‘Opium’. This word is used as a consolation or self-support message after defeat.

Urban Dictionary user enterprise1701 explains the word in this manner:

A metaphorical opiate inhaled when faced with loss, failure, or defeat, especially in sports, politics, and other tribal settings.

The effects of Copium include, but are not limited to: extreme rationalizations for the defeat, outlandish theories of conspiracy supposedly perpetrated by the opposing side, extreme rage directed at the other side, unconvincing allegations of fraud and abuse in the system, and rejection of the system as a whole.

This is everything you need to know about the word Copium in Twitch and how the meme originated. Now that you are here, make sure to have a look at How To Solve Twitch Lagging Issue.