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How to Use Trick Ball Weapon in Ninjala

Trick Ball is an weapon that can trick foes in Ninjala, and to use it you must know its attacks types, abilities and stats.

Trick Ball is a gum weapon in Ninjala that can utilize opponents and here are some key information on how to use it. Trick Ball as the name says can help you to trick opponents. It falls in the Yo-Yo Weapons Class of Ninjala game. It comes with a high attack range, attacked to the string you can throw the trick ball on your opponents. Here is all the key information on Trick Ball Weapon in Ninjala.

What is Trick Ball Weapon in Ninjala?


Trick Ball release Gum Shoot, a set of two balloons that explode around the user if touched. It is a high range of attacks and can use from distance. Fujiyama Rocket launches a powerful gum rocket that explodes on impact.

  • Gum Shoot: Gum Balloon
  • Gum Ninjutsu: Fujiyama Rocket
  • Special: Beyond the Gum
  • Abilities: Time to Relax, Beyond Fever
  • Adjust Parameters: 255 – 104

Trick Ball also features a special move that will transform any opponent into a poo icon when hit successfully. This will make the immovable and you got the window to draw out the victory. There are two abilities of this weapon.


Time to Relax is a primary ability that provides a special cool-down reset. It can be used only when you can save yourself from all kinds of attacks for a specific period. This is where the Time to Relax ability of Trick Ball is usable in Ninjala. There is a second ability to Beyond Fever.

The big weapon ability increase the damage on special moves, it will work only those opponents who are using Gum Morph. So do a keep a close watch and if you find a foe using the same you can use the Big Weapon Ability to cause extra damage in Ninjala.

So there is all the info about Trick Ball Weapon in Ninjala, all its abilities, and stats. You can know to use it a lot more effectively in the game. We also have Ninjala beginners guide if you are new to the game, click the link to learn more.