Tribes of Midgard Beginners Tips – Top Ways To Survive

Here are the best ways to survive in Tribes of Midgard.

Tribes of Midgard focus on combat-survival gameplay where you have to guard your land against giant invasion. As a Viking survivor, you will have to protect your village which holds the Seed of Yggdrasil. Last wall to protect the gods from other realms. With combat, you will have to build your village and unlock new weapons, before more giants attack the village. Here you can read top tips on how to play Tribes of Midgard. There is a mixture of beginners and advanced tips that will help to prepare yourself in advance against the invasion.

Best Tribes of Midgard Tips

Tribes of Midgard Beginners Tips

Tips below will start from very basic that anyone can do and level up to advance. This guide is going to help you to win in both scenarios. Either you are starting as a beginner or already played and understood Tribes of Midgard.

Understand your Class and its Special Ability

Tribes of Midgard has multiple classes and each has its own special ability. This will help you to utilize their strength well against enemies.

  1. Berserker – Wrath Unleashed. Strong AoE attack that refills the Warth meter to 100%.
  2. Guardian – Last Stand. Instead of being knocked out Hp drops to +1 HP.
  3. Hunter – Recall Totem. Revival Totem.
  4. Seer – Yggdrasil’s Roots. Drop a trap to capture enemies.
  5. Sentinel – Shield Ring. Damage enemies by throwing shields.
  6. Warden – Stairway to Asgard. Unlock Aesir construction.
  7. Warrior – Untamed Ashes. Unlock the ability to self-revive.

Important Tools to Craft First

To level up your village, weapons you will need a lot of resources. They are found by exploring the region. Giants are going to attack your village, so practically you need to find them. All you have to speed up is exploration. Certain areas have fixed types of resources while certain reward your important items. They will be required in crafting. Grab some flint and branches and craft an Axe & a Pick-Axe first. Using these tools you can cut down trees and break stones.

Soul Farming

Souls are a kind of in-game currency displayed on the right corner of the screen. You will earn souls in almost every activity and later can spend it on upgrades. It is necessary to use them wisely as it is required in every aspect of the game. You have to pay with souls to upgrade your village defense or upgrade any NPC to unlock more services. Thankfully the game is not harsh about giving souls, you will earn an average amount regularly by carrying out various activities. One important thing if you die Souls will reset to 0. So it is sometimes better to run away.

Do not Ignore the NPC’s Upgrade

NPC’s in Tribes of Midgard are the residents of your village. The more powerful NPC’s you have the stronger your village will be. To upgrade them you will have to use souls. Upgrading NPC’s unlocks new item crafting, provides you powerful weapons, and also helps you to level up your village defense. So make sure you start doing this at the very early stage of the game. Follow up the below NPC’s in a line and level up as fast as possible.

  1. Tinker – Level up to Unlock new Crafting items like iron ingots, wood planks, etc.
  2. Blacksmith – Level up for powerful weapons.
  3. Armorer – Level up for stronger armor.
  4. Alchemist – – Level up to craft stronger potions.

Learn Your Enemies Attack

Enemies have common attack behavior and this will help you to take them out faster. As you explore and find out enemies have a common attack pattern. Also, this will help you to make a list of enemies to avoid at the early stage of the game. Some cannot be beaten without good armor and a powerful weapon. If you see a campfire icon on the mini-map then you are near an enemy base. Destroying it will give you a lot of leather, also do not forget to find a treasure chest.

Gather Resources

Farming resources is what you will be doing from the very beginning. Collecting woods, stones, etc will help you to build your settlement. Further, as you upgrade your craftsmen you will get stronger items. Make sure you keep on collecting resources. This will help your villagers to craft weapons, defense, and a lot of important items. It is a tiring task, but necessary. Also after killing enemies they too drop some valuable items.

How to Farm XP?

Leveling up will reap you new rewards. Focus on completing the in-game challenges. Also, have a look at the Saga challenges. This is a different mode, but here you can farm a lot of XP. Whatever reward you unlock will be in your inventory after finishing it. Scan through the challenges tab and you will find out more info. Each of these challenges has XP rewards attached to them.

What are Blessing Points?

Blessing Points are something similar to Skill Points. This will be rewarded as you keep on playing and level up your character. You can use these points to unlock the new abilities in your class branch. You can unlock special abilities and use them on the battlefield. Each class in Tribes of Midgard has a ton of locked abilities that you can unlock as you level up on the character progression system.

With these, I am concluding Tribes of Midgard beginners tips and tricks. The guide will be updated frequently with more valuable tips and tricks that will help you to play this game well. Do not forget to visit back.