Tribes Of Midgard: How To Unlock All Classes

Here's how to unlock all hidden classes in Tribes of Midgard and what you get in every class.

There are 6 hidden classes in this survival ARPG – Berserker, Guardian, Hunter, Seer, Sentinel and Warden. The other 2 classes, Ranger and Warrior, are unlocked from the beginning. This guide will explain how to unlock all classes in Tribes of Midgard as well as the basics of what the classes have to offer.

How to Unlock All Hidden Classes in Tribes of Midgard

As you start the game, you have to choose between the Ranger or Warrior classes. Here’s how to unlock the Berserker, Guardian, Hunter, Seer, Sentinel and Warden Classes.

Berserker, Guardian, Hunter, Seer, Sentinel and Warden

Tribes Of Midgard Class Unlock Requirements Description
Ranger Already unlocked. Rangers are masters of using the Bow and their precision and speed is unmatched.
Warrior Already unlocked. Warriors are versatile fighters who are skilled with melee weapons and casting spells.
Berserker Unlock this class by defeating 20 enemies in 10 seconds in a World (Saga mode). This class is all about explosive fighters who leave no stone unturned against their enemies. You can deal high damage with Berserker and you can stun enemies while also unbothered by the stun effcts.
Guardian You can unlock this class by defeating 3 Jotnar in a World (Saga mode). They are the defenders who will protect their allies dutifully. You will be able to block heavy attacks from enemies.
Hunter To unlock the class of these cunning explorers, you need to activate all the Shrines in a World (Saga mode). With this class, you can track as well as trap your target while being stealthy. Hunters can also use Recall Totems that will help you respawn after you die.
Seer Unlock this class by using the Bifrost to exit 10 Worlds (Saga mode). With this healer class, you can make your allies more powerful while also weakening your enemies.
Sentinel Unlock this class by blocking 25 attacks in 10 seconds in a World (Saga Mode). Sentinels are cool warriors who are masters of the Shield. Their skills of blocking, parrying and striking make them unique.
Warden To unlock this class, you have to survive more than Day 15 in a World (Saga mode). The Warden class are travelers and couriers who are masters of navigation. Use this one for crafting, trading etc.

tribes of midgard all classes

That’s all about how to unlock hidden classes in Tribes Of Midgard. Based on the requirements, the longest time to unlock will most probably be taken by Berserker and Sentinel.

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