How To Repair In Tribes Of Midgard

Want to repair weapons, armor, tools and other items or gear in Tribes Of Midgard, this guide will walk you through it.

As a Viking, you will use your weapons and tools very, very often. You have to constantly keep your gear looking perfect because if you don’t, they will break down and you can save your trouble by repairing them. This is where this guide on how to repair weapons, shields, tools and items in Tribes of Midgard will help you out.

Tribes Of Midgard: How to Repair Weapons, Shields, Tools, Items & Gear

Tribes Of Midgard: How to Repair Weapons, Tools, Items & Gear

  • Players can repair weapons by heading to the Repair Bench.
  • To repair, you require Souls that you can obtain by killing enemies and collecting resources.
  • Approach the repair station and interact with it using the relevant button prompt.
  • Upon interacting, you will see all the Weapons, Shields, Armors and Tools that you can repair.
  • Select an item or gear that’s damaged and you will see its detail at the bottom right section.
  • You will also see how many Souls are required to repair it and how many Souls you have in your inventory.
  • Lastly, hit Repair to submit Souls.
  • The amount of Souls required is more if the item you are repairing is of a higher level. Even the durability of it comes into the picture.
  • If you are running low on Souls, you can fight monsters, giants and gather resources to farm a lot of them.

Where to Find Repair Bench/Station Location

Where to Find Repair Bench Station Location

The location of the repair bench location is in your village on the right side. You will find it next to a large wooden War chest. A neat trick is to look for the blacksmith who is shown on the map with an anvil icon. With that as a guide, you will be able to find the Repair Bench within a Rock enclosure. All you have to do is climb the wooden stairs and you will be right at the location.

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