How To Increase Power Level In Tribes Of Midgard

If you want to explore difficult regions of Tribes of Midgard, read this article to find out how you can do so by increasing your power level.

Increasing your power level in Tribes of Midgard brings you the ability to explore new areas in the game. In this article, we will show you how you can do so.

How To Raise Power Level In Tribes Of Midgard?

power level tribes of midgard

Check out how you can raise the power level in Tribes of Midgard.

  • To raise the power level, you will first need to gather souls so that you can craft better gear like armor and weapons.
  • You will need to gather resources in order to gather souls in Tribes of Midgard.
  • Each time you gather resources, you will be given a small number of souls. You can do this repeatedly to increase the number of souls.
  • Another method to get souls is visiting camps and hideouts among other places where creatures and monsters live. You will need to clear these places to get souls.
  • Clearing the mentioned sites will get you a high number of souls. This makes it one of the best methods to get souls in Tribes of Midgard.
  • You can even try to speak to the stag whenever it appears on your map. Doing so will also give you a number of souls.
  • Once you get the souls, you will be able to upgrade your armorer and blacksmith to make better weapons.
  • Doing so will increase your power level. Your power level will increase in proportion to the quality of items you make.
  • Once you reach a higher level, you will be able to explore the more tricky regions of the game.

This is how you can increase the power level in Tribes of Midgard. As you can see, this is quite an easy process that also unlocks a lot of possibilities for you in the game.

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