How To Travel Distance Vertically In Fortnite

One of the most common and recurring weekly challenges in Fortnite is to travel distance vertically without taking falling damage. Basically, you are required to move from ground to sky and back for a specified distance to beat this challenge. This may sound like a behemoth task but trust me, it is actually not. In fact, it may take less than a minute to complete this challenge if you follow this guide.

How to Travel Distance Vertically in Fortnite

traveling distance vertically in Fortnite
Using Zipline to Travel Distance Vertically. Image Credits to Gamer Dad

First of all, know that traveling vertically means moving toward the sky without touching your feet to any surface. To do this, you can use a zipline. There are several areas across the map where you can find a zipline, for example, Grand Glacier. Simply use the zipline to go down and up until you complete the specified distance. It should be noted that a zipline that goes from up to down diagonally also works.

You can also use an exhaust fan found on top of certain buildings to travel vertically. If you find one, jump on it so its flow of wind elevates you in the air. It also counts but is mostly not recommended as you are vulnerable to falling damage in this one.

So using the zipline is the easiest way to travel distance vertically in Fortnite, that too without taking any falling damage. This challenge is recurring as it was given once before during Chapter 4, Season 3, and Chapter 5, Season 3. Meaning, you can get this challenge back any time soon.

That’s all you can do to travel vertically in Fortnite without taking any damage. If you are looking to enhance your movement skills, I suggest you check out our guides on Only Up and Down Map Codes and Deathrun Map Codes. They can help you move quickly with ease.