Fortnite Deathrun Map Codes – Best Of 2024!

Check out our guide on all of the best Cizzorz Deathrun map codes for Fortnite.

Since the introduction of Creative Mode, Fortnite has become home to some of the most interesting custom maps. Players from the community never fail to impress with their skills as we continue to see hundreds of must-play maps created every month. With that said, one of the most enjoyable themes that you should experience is the Deathrun Map. Maps like Ghost Train Deathrun (code mentioned below) are crafted with detail and you must try it.

Much like the Ghost Train, we have got plenty of other Fortnite Deathrun Map Codes here. So you can try them out and hone your skills in one or more aspects of the game. Let’s get started with it.

Here are the 10 Best Deathrun Maps in Fortnite (with Codes)

Deathrun MapCode
Ghost Train Deathrun 2374-3274-1094
Sasuke (AKA Ninja Warrior) Deathrun  9547-6268-3056
The Grapple Gun Deathrun9496-9656-3332
Spy Games Deathrun 6302-2233-2728
Escape Your Nightmare Deathrun3226-5801-0514
Duo Love Run Deathrun5460-4360-3292
The 1 Minute Deathrun3009-5833-7847
Cizzorz Deathrun 3.04043-5793-6999
Jesgran’s Deathrun 2.01103-0256-3362
Red vs. Blue TDM Deathrun3248-3225-8863

Breakdown of these Fortnite Deathrun Maps

Here, we have described how all of the above-mentioned Deathrun maps will fill your Fortnite journey with adventures.

Ghost Train Deathrun

Best Fortnite Deathrun Map Codes
Image Source: Ritual

Get ready to embark on the most terrifying journey of your life with this map. Your goal is to follow the tracks and survive all the deathly traps placed within the environment. Stay careful as even a single wrong step can make you dead.

Sasuke (AKA Ninja Warrior) Deathrun

Best Deathrun Maps in Fortnite

This Fortnite Deathrun Map is inspired by the Japanese TV Series known as Sasuke Ninja Warrior. Wherein, the only way to get to the other side is by outmaneuvering all the traps, the ones you used to see on TV. But be mindful as things will escalate quickly as all the traps appear one after another.

The Grapple Glove Deathrun

Best Deathrun Maps in Fortnite
Image Source: JAOIKKI

As the name suggests, you will be equipping a Grapple Glove and swing your way from one stage to another. However, things get uglier when you progress and come across some of the most difficult traps. Just keep this in mind – Do not fall!

Spy Games Deathrun

Best Fortnite Deathrun Map Codes
Image Source: FCT_-

Shadow or Ghost? Choose your allegiance and get going through the traps with upto 8 Spies on this map. While the traps are tougher than usual, you can make use of the tech available in the surroundings.

Escape Your Nightmare

Best Deathrun Maps in Fortnite
Image Source: DODO_FOR_LIFE

This map is all about panicking, for real! The developers have packed inside everything that is more than enough to stop you on your route. To summarize things for you, there will be lots of parkour, treasure hunting, and thrill in this Fortnite Deathrun Map.

Duo Love Run Deathrun

Best Deathrun Maps in Fortnite
Image Source: Paul79UF

Want to test out coordination with your partner or friend? Well, thanks to the Duo Love Run Deathrun Map, you and your companion can now step foot in a world filled with traps and obstacles. Use your in-game awareness to get past everything, with or without your teammate.

The 1 Minute Deathrun

Best Deathrun Maps in Fortnite
Image Source: Fhsupport

Beauty can be very deceiving and that’s what this Fortnite map proves. You have one minute to jump across all the traps and make it back to the starting point. If you fall, you start again at a checkpoint. If you take more than a minute, you will lose.

Cizzorz Deathrun 3.0

Cizzorz Deathrun 3.0 - Best Fortnite Deathrun Map
Image Source: ITSCIZZORZ

Believe me when I say you are not prepared for this Fortnite Deathrun Map by Cizzorz. Still don’t believe me? Well enter the map and you will find out what kind of traps are in it. That’s it for it, I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Jesgran’s Deathrun 2.0

Best Deathrun Maps in Fortnite
Image Source: gwnsjoerd

After 400 hours of dedication, the creator Jesgran tailored this map and I have to say, it’s really fun. There are zombies, lava, spikes, and god knows what other traps on this map. Use your jumping skills to get past them and in return, it will polish your movement in Fortnite, guaranteed!

Red vs. Blue TDM Deathrun

Best Deathrun Map Codes in Fortnite
Image Source: WEAKSAUCE

This one is fun. There are 2 Defenders and 14 Attackers in this Fortnite Deathrun Map. If you play as an Attacker, your goal is to make it to the end of the map and unlock the weapon to fight back the defenders. Now, if you are a defender, you will have to activate traps peppered across the map to stop the attackers. The game ends when the Attackers or Defenders die.

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Lastly, I would like to thank all the respective creators for creating some of the most iconic Deathrun Maps of all time in Fortnite.

Now that you have the Best Fortnite Deathrun Map Codes, ensure to claim all the fun. Not alone, but with your friends and family.