Best Music Map Codes For Fortnite (2023)

Here is a list of some of the best Music Map Codes that you can try out in Fortnite.

Music Maps in Fortnite have quickly become one of the interesting experiences and games to enjoy with friends or even other players. The Creative Mode allows players to build and create different types of experiences that can be shared privately or publicly. Not to mention, playing on these islands will still grant you XP which will in turn help you level up. And for players looking to have some fun with their friends, these music map codes in Fortnite are one of your best bets.

There is a range of music maps that you can join and jump into built and created by other players. These maps include Guess The Song, Artist, and even concert maps that will let you groove on different musical creations and sometimes even specific to your favorite artist. So if you are looking for some of the best maps, here are our recommendations with their respective codes.

Fortnite Music Map Codes (2023)

Best Fortnite Music Map Codes
Image Source: JANGO12340_’s The Weeknd Concert Map

Here is a list of some of the best music maps that you will come across in Fornite:

Map NameMap Code
Guess The Song (34 Songs) – Music Blocks4123-0100-6140
Juice WRLD Concert6992-5674-6653
Travis Scott – THE SCOTTS0200-4398-4940
Crab Rave v18552-3258-2013
Avengers Theme 6110-9715-1550
XXXTENTACION event (2 Players Only)1510-0739-5008
Guess The Song 3 | Team Rhythm1098-1916-7492
GUESS THE SONG #3 (33 SONGS)0053-4644-6250
Guess The Song 2 (JanGo11 & Dehalfwit)3211-6945-3270
Astronomia (Fortnite Music Block) (Coffin Dance)0216-6265-6417
Fishy On Me (Fortnite Music Block)8831-8736-1969
Astr∅nomical X7663-5356-9274

How to Enter Music Map Codes in Fortnite

How To Enter Music Map Codes In Fortnite

Here are the steps you can follow to enter and join the music maps from the list above:

  • Launch Fortnite and click on the search icon from top left.
  • In the search box, enter the code of the map you want to try out.
  • You will come across the dedicated map in search.
  • After which you can simply select the option to join private or public.

Do these Codes Expire in Fortnite?

Simply put, no, the codes for the music maps in Fortnite won’t expire unless the creators decide to delete the map entirely. However, these are some of the best available that you can play in the game and the chances of creators deleting the maps are much less. You can enjoy all of the maps above thoroughly and we will keep updating the list with even better maps.

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