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Fortnite First Person Map Codes (March 2023)

Check out our guide to find out the best Fortnite First Person map codes.

With the first-person perspective finally coming to Fortnite, several fans have been excited about this change. You can also create different first-person maps by using Creative 2.0. But many players are looking for the Map Codes directly. Not to worry, as we have compiled a list of these first-person map codes from different genres. So, here are our recommendations for the best Fortnite First person map codes.

Best Fortnite First-Person Map Codes (March 2023)

fortnite first person map codes

Here are our recommendations for the best First-person map codes for Fortnite:

Map Name Map Code
Downtown Drifting – First Person Driftin 7906-3518-1746
Hell – A First-Person Shooter 0940-4354-7470
Forza Horizon – First-Person Car Racing 2118-8997-3881
Lysergic Caeli – First-Person Horror 3139-3620-6848
First Person Snipers 3459-8305-1162
Blue Vs Red Rent First-Person 0532-3462-3627
First-Person Box Fights 4392-1871-9556
First-Person Escape Room 6212-9391-5469
First-Person Deathrun Practice 2876-1894-8328
First Person PropHunt 4705-1035-6381
Indiana Jones Deathrun (First Person) 6070-5889-4910
Rainbow 6 Map (First Person) 6120-0058-8706
Scary Ghost Map (First Person) 4719-9501-7081

We will update the above list when new first-person map codes are revealed 

How to Redeem First-Person Map Codes

Follow the below steps:

  • Launch Fortnite and press the Change button from the home screen.
  • Select the Creative game mode and press the Play button.
  • You can interact with a Console to change the destination.
  • Enter any of the preferred map codes above on the text input.
  • Lastly, press the Accept button to play the Creative map.

Do Creative 2.0 Codes Expire?

The answer to that question is No. The Creative 2.0 map codes don’t expire in Fortnite. The creator may decide to keep it private or delete the map code itself. However, that being said, most of the Creators don’t deactivate or delete their Creative Map codes.  So, you don’t have to worry about the map codes getting expired. 

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