Best XP Farming Maps In Fortnite Chapter 4

Check out the best XP Farming Maps in Fortnite Chapter 4.

With the launch of Fortnite Chapter 4, players are looking for the best XP farming maps. The Season 2 Battle Pass of Chapter 4 features Cyberpunk-style Skins, Weapons, and Emotes. Moreover, Fortnite’s collaboration with Attack on Titan brings you character skins like Eren Jaeger and more. To help players level up fast, there are some maps in the creative mode with XP glitches. In this guide, we will mention the best ones and how to use them.

Note: The use of XP glitches can result in a ban from Epic Games. We will simply mention the maps but the choice to use them is up to the players.

What are the Best XP Farming Maps in Fortnite Chapter 4

To use the Creative Mode maps, players will have to enter the Map Codes. For those who don’t know, select the “Creative Game Mode”. Then press “Change” above the yellow Play button. Head over to the “Island Code” tab and enter the codes. That being said, here are the best XP farming maps in Fortnite Chapter 4:

  • 1v1 Build Fights
  • Christmas 1v1 Build Fight
  • Amor VIP 1v1

1v1 Build Fights

Map Code: 8531-8146-6703

  • Once you enter the code, check for the XP icon below the map name.
  • Then, click on Play and change the server to Private on the main menu.
  • Inside the map, hold the prompted button to Start.
  • Wait for the 30-second timer for the map to load.
  • Then, turn around and check both corners for the XP button. One may be hidden but will appear when you’re nearby.
  • Once you interact with the buttons, turn around and select the rift on the left.
  • Through this rift, you’ll enter a 1v1 map.
  • Climb the ramp facing the guns.
  • At the end of the ramp, build 3 ramps up.
  • Then, build 1 floor and turn towards the right.
  • Now, build 3 ramps up and then, 3 floors ahead.
  • Then, build 1 ramp and at the top, you’ll see an XP button.
  • Interact with it and gain XP.
  • There are more buttons which makes it one of the best XP Farming maps in Chapter 4.

Christmas 1v1 Build Fight

Christmas map to farm XP
Image Source: Shiftless on Youtube

Map Code: 1369-0417-2271

  • Like the previous map, enter a Private lobby.
  • Once you load into the map, don’t move around and go AFK for 20-25 minutes.
  • Then, enter the “Fight” rift.
  • Inside the rift, turn around and climb onto the shop’s roof.
  • Turn right and build 9 ramps by the snowman decoration.
  • Then, build 1 floor, turn left, and keep building floors till your character glows blue.
  • Once it does, perform an Emote and you’ll start getting XP.

Amor VIP 1v1

Similar to the first map, you’ll have to build stairs and platforms to interact with XP buttons. The video above will help you understand the procedure better.

That’s everything from us on the best XP Farming Maps in Fortnite Chapter 4. For more such content like Best Landing Spots, make sure you visit our Fortnite section.