How To Trade Pals With Other Players In Palworld

Although Pals are extremely resourceful, you might want to trade them with other players. Here’s how you can easily drop these creatures in Palworld.

Palworld is filled with different kinds of creatures which are known as ‘Pals’. All these Pals have their own set of abilities and skills. However, once a player comes across a Pal, they can choose to either eliminate them and gather the resources they drop or capture them and make them complete tasks based on their skill set. As a result, owning Pals is a great way to level up in the game.

This open-world survival game has more than 100 creatures you can catch. Similarly, as you progress through the game and acquire more and more of these creatures, you might want to trade Pals with other players as well. There are two different ways you can perform this activity and here we will explain how you can complete this process and swap Pals with friends.

How to Trade Pals in Palworld

The first method to trade Pals is rather simple and can be easily done. However, you will have to make sure that the friend or player you want to trade with is in your multiplayer world. Additionally, we would also advise you to remain in close contact with the player you want to trade with so that you can ensure no one else gets the Pal you drop.

Now, press the Menu Button and open your Party tab. Click on the Pal you wish to trade. From here, you can either press the R key if you’re using your PC or press the right stick controller if you’re using Xbox to drop the Pal you selected.

You’ll get a pop-up on your screen, you can accept the warning and proceed with the process. You will then notice the Pal Sphere lying on the ground. To complete the trade, ask your friend or player to pick up the Pal Sphere.

The only downside of the process is that if the game is crowded and there are a several players in the area where you are completing this process, there are chances of some other random player coming in and snatching the Pal Sphere once you drop it. Therefore, make sure to complete this in-game activity discreetly.

How To Trade Pals In Palworld Using Palbox
Image Source – Steam

How to Trade Pals in Palworld using Palbox

Although the previous method might be quite risky, this option is much more safer. To do this, firstly, the player or friend you want to trade with has to be a part of your Guild. Only a friend or player who is a part of your Guild will be able to take part in the process.

Once you both are in the same multiplayer world, you will have to interact with the Palbox and open the Palbox Management (Press F on the keyboard or hold down X on the controller). Now, you can select the Pal you want to trade and either left-click the mouse or hold A and add the Pal to the base section.

You can then exit the Palbox. From here, your friend can interact with the Palbox and repeat the same process mentioned above, however, to get the Pal you have dropped, they will have to drag the little creature from the base and add it to their party.

This is everything you need to know if you are looking to trade your Pals with others or vice versa. Other than trading, if you are wondering how you can make use of all these different creatures, you can also read about how you can ride your Pals, which are the best mining Pals, and also go through our detailed Pals tier list, all available here on Gamer Tweak.