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How long is Ghost Of Tsushima – Total Gameplay Hours

Ghost Of Tsushima is a big game and here is will find out how much hours do you really need to beat the game and reach the Ending.

Ghost Of Tsushima is an open-world game divided into three different acts. The acts are further divided into Main Missions and Side Quest. If you are trying to find how long Ghost Of Tsushima is then here is an accurate answer. Ghost Of Tsushima is a big game and if you plan to spend your entire weekend playing this game then you won’t be dissatisfied.

How much time does to take to complete Ghost Of Tsushima?

Ghost Of Tsushima is approx 24 to 26 hours of long if you focus only on the Main Mission and a few side activities to unlock new weapons or armors. And if you are determined to play every side quest along with all three acts then you will need around 40 to 45 hours to beat Ghost Of Tsushima.

This may or may not include the retries you will take to beat bosses, but this is the approx time of the game. Even 50 hours will be for some players who are finding hard to beat bosses like Khotun Khan. Ghost Of Tsushima is big enough to keep you engage for a week. If you are on a long holiday and looking for your next PS4 game after Last of Us Part 2 then Ghost Of Tsushima will be a good choice.

The game takes us to the world of invasions and samurai. No hardcore weapons, and drama. As a lone warrior, your job is to free your land from the Mongol invasion. And this will not be easy, you will require allies,amazing swords, great armors and a lot more.

Certain side quests like finding Haiku or unlocking new songs are time-consuming. They are kind of break from the combat, you can do something more to get connected with the game. You can choose what to pick and what to ignore. The game gives you complete freedom to play the way you want. It does not push you into extensive crafting and exploration. Instead, you will be always on your line of the objective to fight the next boss.

So if you are determined enough to play everything in Ghost Of Tsushima then bread ready to spend around 50+ hours.