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How To Defeat Khotun Khan Easily In Ghost Of Tsushima

Khotun Khan is the final boss you will find in Ghost Of Tsushima, this boss fight is divided into three phases and here is a Ghost Of Tsushima Walkthrough on how to kill Khotun Khan.

Khotun Khan is the final boss in Ghost of Tsushima and he brings the Mongol army with him to invade the tiny island, you will face him many times throughout the game but during the final showdown is where he is the strongest. If you would like to know how to defeat Khotun Khan easily, you should read our guide on it.

How To Defeat Khotun Khan Quickly In Ghost Of Tsushima

Khotun Khan is more powerful than any other Mongol with a range of attacks in his arsenal, and you will have to figure out his moves and retort with your own.

The wrath of the Mongol army is unending and all of it is commanded by the fearsome Khotun Khan, he hails from a family of warrior as his grandfather Gengis Khan conquered everything. If you are at the final moments of the game and windering how to defeat him, read further.

The final epic battle with Khotun Khan takes place in three stages and the player will have to be ready for a long period of battling countless forces.

First Phase

  • To defeat Khotun Khan Easily, you will have to learn to understand his attacks and act yours accordingly, it is best to learn what he is about to attack you with even before he strikes.
  • The first stage of the battle is when Khotun Khan will try to attack you all by himself, he will bring all of his powers and all you have to do is beware of the attacks with the red indicators on them and dodge at the right time.
  • Every other attack that you face can be dodged and or parried by Khotun Khan. Make sure to keep a bit of a distance between yourselves so that you can move freely and counter-attack.

Second Phase

  • During the second phase, you will have to run between a horde of Mongols as their leader Khotun Khan keeps retreating to his ship. To easily get through the horde, simply ignore all the Mongols that are standing in your way.
  • You can easily dodge arrows and attacks and race past them. If you wish to fight them, then it is best to wait for them to initiate the attack and bring them with one swipe ending the threat immediately.

Third Phase

  • Here you will have mini-bosses that are tougher than the Mongol infantry, slash through them as you would do to other enemies in the game. These bosses try to hit you with heavy attacks that do quite a bit of damage. Dodge, parry, block them, and once you defeat all of them you can move towards your final fight with Khotun Khan.
  • Here Khotun Khan is backed against the corner and will use all of his force. If you get swarmed by a group of enemies on the boat, try exploding the barrels of gun powder on the ship.

This will cause a huge area explosion and will clear out a path towards Khotun Khan, fight him as you would battle against any other boss in Ghost of Tsushima, and defeat him.  This is all there is to know about how to beat Khotun Khan in Ghost of Tsushima. Killing the final boss will lead to Ending, and there are two Good and Bad. Here is a detailed guide on Ghost of Tsushima Multiple Endings.