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Ghost of Tsushima Ending Guides – Unlock Multiple Endings

In the end you will have a choice to spare or kill Lord Shimura in Ghost of Tsushima. Your decision changes the ending, here are different ways to unlock Ghost of Tsushima multiple endings.

Ghost of Tsushima is about Jin’s struggle to free his land from the Mongols invasion. He took extreme measures defying his clan’s rules that lead to Ghost of Tsushima’s dual ending. In this guide, we will learn about both the endings. How to unlock them and Ghost of Tsushima multiple choice answer consequences on the game-ending. SPOILER ALERT – If you are still playing the game best is avoid reading below, because there is a spoiler coming up. And if you had played or just curious enough to know how to unlock different Ghost of Tsushima endings then here is how to do that.

Ghost of Tsushima – Ending Multiple Choices Answer

After defeating Khotun Khan, Jin is tagged as the Ghost of Tsushima. A lone warrior who is fighting the Mongol invasion, but things are not as simple as it looks. Jin’s action had lead to the end of his clan and this is where Lord Shimura comes in the picture. As the head of the clan, he is the only family Jin has. Yuna informs Jin to meet Lord Shimura for the final conquest. This is where the game ends and unlock a dual ending. After talking to Lord Shimura there will be a fight and eventually, Jin will defeat him. Lord Shimura will ask for an honorable warriors’ death and this triggers a multiple-choice question.

Kill Lord Shimura – Bad Ending

What happens if you kill Lord Shimura, well to do so you need to Press L2 to kill Lord Shimura, Jin honors Lord Shimura’s request and finally ends his life. An honorable warriors death but leads to uncertainty in the region. Mongols have no leaders to lead which makes them furious for the invasion. On the other side, Jin is tagged as a Traitor, after killing his uncle he also has threats from the samurai. For his entire life, he will have to leave as a Ghost running away from threats coming out of every corner. Jin chooses to continue his fight for freedom, his allies are dispersed and Yuna also leaves in the end.

Spare Lord Shimura – Good Ending

What happens if you spare Lord Shimura, well to do so you need to Even though Lord Shimura asks for an honorable death you can press R2 to spare his life. Jin chooses not to kill his only family. This is a Ghost of Tsushima good ending, where Jin has now a threat from Mongols only. Leaving the leader of the clan alive improves his image in front of new samurai’s who will be taking over Tsushima. Jin is not free here, he is still thrown out of the clan but he has fewer threats. Jin chooses to fight the Mongols invasion.

So these are the two Ghost of Tsushima endings and the consequences. Which one will you choose, a ghost with a bad reputation and blood on his hand or a freedom fighter?