Wildberry Cookie Best Toppings In Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

Use these Toppings to strengthen your Wildberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Wildberry is a Defense-type cookie and with the Best Toppings, it can elevate your chances of winning in Cookie Run Kingdom. Due to its defensive nature, this Cookie is bound to stay in the Front position during battles. This makes it vulnerable to incoming enemy attacks which can prove to be fatal for your team. But with the help of the right Toppings, you can give provide some buffs for this cookie. And to help you with it, here are the Best Toppings for your Wildberry Cookie in CRK. Take a look below to get started.

What Toppings Are Best For Wildberry Cookies in CRK?

Here are the Best Toppings for the Wildberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK).

  • x3 Solid Almonds (Draconic)
  • x2 Searing Raspberry (Draconic)
Wildberry Cookie Best Toppings In Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)
Image Source: Cookie Run Kingdom

Adding x3 Solid Almonds will increase the DMG Resistance making the Wildberry a Tank Cookie. After adding this topping, this Cookie will easily last longer on the battlefield and protect other cookies. Apart from defense, we must also focus on enhancing the offensive stat. And that’s where the Searing Raspberry topping will play its role. This Topping will increase the ATK of the Wildberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). So along with great defense, this cookie can also deal damage to opponents.

If you don’t find the above Toppings suitable, then you can refer to the table below to get some help.

Bouncy Caramel Increases ATK Speed
Fresh Kiwi Weakens Debuff Effects
Hard Walnut Increases Defense
Healthy Peanut Increases HP
Hearty Hazelnut Increases CRIT Resist
Juicy Apple Jelly Increases CRIT %
Searing Raspberry Increases ATK
Solid Almond Increases DMG Resist
Sweet Candy Amplifies Buff
Swift Chocolate Decreases Cooldown Period

The above table contains Toppings along with the buffs they provide to the cookies. You can try and experiment to find your winning combination.

Now that you know the Best Toppings for the Wildberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK), ensure to make the most out of it. If you liked this article, then you can check out our other guides on Best Toppings for Cotton Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, and Pinecone Cookie. For more such informative content, you can take a look at our Cookie Run Kingdom section right here on Gamer Tweak.